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Is there a way to shorten the height of an exterior wall on a single story design such that the roof still builds correctly over it?    Does this require the use of a Pony Wall?


As you can see in the real photos, the back wall of the Master Bedroom is shorter than standard height,  This causes the back portion of it's roof to have more surface area than the front as shown in the google Ariel view (red arrow).   In the design, the back wall is full height which causes the roof ridge to be too far back.  Any tips or guidance would be greatly appreciated.






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Roofs build over rooms. Room height (and surround wall height) is set by adjusting the ceiling height of that room.


Try lowering the ceiling in the master with auto rebuild roofs on and see what happens.


If that is not working, post back and I'll have a look at the plan.



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Hi David,

Wow!  I cant thank you enough for spending so much time helping with the design and walking through the steps..... sounds like my best option will be to upgrade to pro as you mentioned. 


I agree the ceiling height needs to decrease for the overall house.  In addition, you can see that the height of the back wall of the Master Bedroom is lower than the front wall (as depicted with red arrows in image "Google_LeftSide.jpg".  I'm still not clear how to build this in architectural. 


Also, note the large overhang in the front and almost none on the gable ends.  I'm not quite sure of the roof pitch.. most likely between 4-6 but appears to be consistent across the entire house.


Many thanks




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