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  1. Hi Adry, I didn't happen to catch the version of software your using which greatly effects how much control you have over building/manipulating roofs. There are some great tutorials on chief architect website regarding roofs Likewise, there are some wonderful members some of whom offer training like David Potter (see post above for more contact information) /My You Tube Channel/ Follow me on Facebook /My Sketchfab site/My Houzz Page Hope this helps. Jeff
  2. Hi David, Still not 100% clear... so the roof planes didn't have to be manipulated in any way (cut and reshaped)? Sorry you had trouble loading the plan... I'll try uploading again. Thanks, Jeff GreenDunesDrive.plan
  3. Hi Eric Was your example done using one of the video's from the forum you mentioned? How did you get "auto-built roof" to work if done manually? Thanks Jeff
  4. Hi, I'm trying to build a car garage with 2 main bays and one additional bay. The main garage has a 2nd floor with a 9 pitch roof and shed style 4 pitch dormer on right side. The additional bay is supposed to have a 4 pitch shed style roof that encompasses the dormer and meets up with the main garage roof (See "Garage_Front.jpg, "Garage_RightSide). In the attached plan, I could only get the pitch on the 3rd bay roof set to 1 without program warnings related to dormer. Can anyone suggest how to get this roof to wrap around the dormer at a 4 pitch? Does this require manipulating the roof plane manually? Many Thanks, Jeff GreenDunesDrive.plan GreenDunesDrive.plan
  5. HI Eric, Thank you as well for sharing that method... much appreciated!
  6. Hi David, Again... I cant thank you enough for spending so much time helping out! I'll try your dormer creation method next... thank you so much!
  7. chiefjdennis

    Shed Dormer

    Is there a way to add a full shed dormer to the attic space of a single story home? From the videos I've seen, it appears to be a manual process involving creating a 2nd story, knee walls and defining the unused space as "attic". I've attached a PDF of existing home showing the dormer on the back side of main house (disregard the proposed sun room for now). CotuitRoad_Original_2.plan In addition, (and I believe to have run into this issue when creating the dormer too)... does anyone know why the exterior wall has a missing chunk between the two main house roof planes ? Thanks All_Drawings.pdf CotuitRoad_Original_2.plan
  8. Thanks David, Maybe Ive got the name "cove ceiling" wrong... I believe its a form of cathedral ceiling but doesn't go all the way up to the ridge board. It only goes as high as the collar ties... Not sure of this ceiling's exact name.
  9. Thanks Eric, I didn't realize that resetting the ceiling height (with auto roof turned off) would actually create the collar ties. That's brilliant.. many thanks!
  10. chiefjdennis

    Cove Ceiling

    Hello, Is there a way to make a cove ceiling in a single story house design? I'm looking to change the existing design of a kitchen/living room area from standard ceiling to a cove ceiling. I know it's possible to just deselect the "Ceiling Over this Room" option under the Room Specification;Structure section creating a cathedral ceiling all the way to the roofs ridge board (see attached screen shots "Ceiling_Normal" & "Ceiling_Cathedral"). How would I add collar tie's say 3 feet above normal ceiling height and then create a cove ceiling up to the new collar tie's? Is this even possible with architectural or would I have to upgrade to Pro? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. NOTE: The 3rd image is the look I'm going for although I had to cheat and create it using a "shelf" 2_AnchorLane_2.plan
  11. Hi Jo_Ann, Wow!... I tried it and it works. Thanks so much for the suggestion. Very much appreciated
  12. Hi David, Wow! I cant thank you enough for spending so much time helping with the design and walking through the steps..... sounds like my best option will be to upgrade to pro as you mentioned. I agree the ceiling height needs to decrease for the overall house. In addition, you can see that the height of the back wall of the Master Bedroom is lower than the front wall (as depicted with red arrows in image "Google_LeftSide.jpg". I'm still not clear how to build this in architectural. Also, note the large overhang in the front and almost none on the gable ends. I'm not quite sure of the roof pitch.. most likely between 4-6 but appears to be consistent across the entire house. Many thanks
  13. chiefjdennis

    Pony Wall

    Hello, Is there a way to shorten the height of an exterior wall on a single story design such that the roof still builds correctly over it? Does this require the use of a Pony Wall? As you can see in the real photos, the back wall of the Master Bedroom is shorter than standard height, This causes the back portion of it's roof to have more surface area than the front as shown in the google Ariel view (red arrow). In the design, the back wall is full height which causes the roof ridge to be too far back. Any tips or guidance would be greatly appreciated. 33_DailyAve_Existing.plan
  14. Hi JoAnn. Hey that looks great... I'll give that a try too. Thank you very much!
  15. I don't think manual design is an option in Architectural... Thank you for spending the time looking at this... much appreciated I'm not sure if premier designs will open in my version but would you mind sending the first design you mentioned... that's another great possibility!