Vaulted Ceiling in Living Room attached to kitchen


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Trying to make the living room a vaulted ceiling with the full gable roof, but it does not seem to take.  The training videos show different options on the roof tool than I have in the newest version.  It shows the gable type I want on the front bedroom, but I can't get the vaulted ceiling to work and it just runs the roof line all the way to master bedroom?  Any help would be appreciated.  The exterior pictures look odd because I'm still learning the program and am trying to figure out how to adjust my terrain to account for a walk out basement lol





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It sounds like you have 2 related problems, one with the ceiling and one with the roof.


Attaching the plan file (close the software first) will help others help you.


I would focus first on the roof, so someone will need to know what it is supposed to look like.


Is this a new design or an existing house?

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