Helicoidal Staircases


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i need to try out some helicoidal stairs in a restricted space. I have only found cad that is incompatible with the program

I cannot make the stairs within the program, although there probably is a way that i am missing.The spiral staircases dont do the job. Also i want to extend at the bottom after they have curved in the circle.

What i am after is something like these



in the smallest size


Any tips?


Thank you





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No one can help you until and unless you also state what software and its version number that you are using. What do you have please? Depending upon what software you have you should be able to curve stairs, turn off the railings (again depends completely upon what software you have) then just use the stair dialog to edit the style and turn railings off. It takes some practice but I know can be done in Home Designer Pro, I am not sure about  in other Home Designer titles and versions.



Here is a Chief Premier X6 user who made a video of such a stair, after you get just the right dimensions and diameter you merely turn off the railings and suppress the stringers



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Sorry, didnt realise - its home designer suite 2018

Yes i can curve stairs with this, however it wont seem to believe me on how curved and how small i need them. ie 125cm diameter hole .In order to reach the next floor the brogram wants a lot more space than this.

Thought someone might have a compatible cad

Thanks for your help

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hi all, believe it or not this will be an improvement on the existing spiral staircase elsewhere in the house!

This is to fit in a tiny room in a medieval house in a mountain village in Italy.

We are restricted by - the mountain , the immensely thick stone walls and the need to steer away from load bearers,

I wish we could fit a 'normal' one 

As a compromise we hope that helicoidal will be - more usable, not scarily see through and the dog will be able to negotiate it

we are adding an extra couple of rooms to this: https://www.homeaway.com/vacation-rental/p401226



Thanks for all the help

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