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  1. I have Pro2020 and I'm creating different models for each plan view for each layout. It's a pain. However, doing it this way has forced me to clean up some areas I didn't realize needed fixing and also prompted some changes. But it's a pain.
  2. Thanks for taking the time to look at the plan and for the advice. I'm not understanding what you mean by "heights and materials mixed together". I'm trying to keep all the room heights the same across floors except for the attic level. Are you talking about something else? (The only thing I can think of is that the wall thicknesses are different between floors. The differing wall thicknesses are the recommendation by our foundation company as they will provide a ledge to set the floor trusses on.) I will revisit the foundation and keep Auto Rebuild Foundation on. I'm also not certain what you mean by "work towards having everything use default values". I thought I had everything set to defaults. I think I am missing something important! This is a plan that we've been working on for almost 3 years. It has undergone a lot of changes but this is the first time I've had such issues with the structural defaults being set, and showing as set in the defaults dialogue box, but the individual rooms showing different "default" values. I think today is going to be devoted to starting with a fresh, new, stripped-down plan. Hopefully, that will fix things. Again, thanks for the quick reply and advice. Happy New Year!
  3. Okay...I got it attached. It's a bit bare but I had to literally strip everything out of it to get it down to a manageable size. Thanks for looking at it..... Foxcliffe_for_Forum.plan
  4. Thank you for the quick reply, Solver. Give me a few to figure out how to attach it...
  5. I am repeatedly having to reset my floor defaults. They will hold for an hour or two and then mysteriously either change or, more frustratingly, be correct in the Defaults dialog box but not in the individual room dialogue boxes. I have tried everything I can think of to keep the defaults - saving after every change, closing and restarting the program, taking Solver's advice to reset all Floor and Ceiling Heights to the Defaults that I found in another thread, and shutting down and restarting my computer. All to no avail. As an example of what I am contending with: These are the 1st Floor defaults as I have them set right now... ...but when I go to a room on the 1st floor, in this case the great room, fields are showing as Defaults but are different from the 1ft Floor Defaults I have just set. This is making me crazy. It was all looking good last night but I just opened the file today and it's all wonky again. What the heck? I should probably point out that I was having issues with materials not staying the same in HD Pro 2019. Any advice is welcome. There are no children in the house messing with it, this happens even when the cat is sleeping and no where near the computer. In fact, this is happening immediately after resetting all of the Floor Defaults. Also, why can't I preview my post? That option is not next to Submit Topic anymore?
  6. Has anyone tried using a bluetooth game controller with the CA 3D Viewer app?
  7. I am trying to put lighting above my wall cabinets. Not in the ceiling but actually resting on top of the cabinet behind the cabinet molding. I am using the Puck Above Cabinet but I can't see it in the 3d views. I can see it just fine when it is anywhere except above a cabinet. I've messed around with it several times but have always given up. Does anyone have any ideas for me?
  8. I've done this by selecting everything I can in one go by using the Shift Key and the mouse to select multiple items. I copied a kitchen - cabinets, appliances, everything - but it did take me some time because I couldn't select all the items at once. Hope this helps!
  9. Sorry for the late reply, Solver. I would post it but my partner is concerned that someone will copy it. I did, however, find a workaround. I just made the wall types on each floor slightly different. i.e. the basement has straight, ICF walls. The first floor has ICF Stucco with the stucco deleted, etc etc. It works and does not seem to be doing anything weird with the framing. I do have to fix some craziness that happened with some interior walls and the stair landings but nothing that can't be corrected with some futzing around. Thanks and I appreciate the help!
  10. Thanks for the quick reply, Solver. Aligning the walls isn't the issue; I use that function all the time. The issue is that when I change the basement walls to 12" ICF, the program is automatically changing the walls on the first floor to 12" ICF, as well. If I then go and change the first floor walls to 8" ICF (which is what I want them to be), the walls in the basement automatically change to 8" ICF. And vice versa. Although I already have the house plan complete - basement, first floor, second floor, attic - I went ahead and changed the Foundation Wall defaults. I got a message that said "The main layer of existing walls will be moved to accommodate this wall type change" when I tried to change wall types on the First Floor. I checked the Knowledge Base, followed the instructions to change the General Wall Type defaults, and still get that message every time I try to change wall types. So. I closed the program and restarted it. I checked the wall types on the First Floor layer - they were ICF Stucco. I the went to the Basement layer and, working clockwise, changed all the wall types to 12" ICF (no stucco, no wallboard). I saved the changes. Then I went to the first floor layer, and lo and behold!, all the walls on the first floor had changed to 12" ICF. I then changed a First Floor wall to an 8" ICF and ALL the walls in the Basement changed to 8" ICF. What the heck? I understand that this may be something that HD Pro 2018 can't do. If that's the case, might there be a workaround that won't hose up the framing, etc?
  11. When I change the wall type in the basement, the program is changing the wall type on the other floors, as well. It's very strange.
  12. Is there a way to have different, exterior wall thicknesses across floors? For example, 12" exterior walls in the basement, 8" exterior walls on the first floor, 4" exterior walls on the second floor? I've checked here on the forum and the user guides and can't find any information that addresses this. If it's not possible, does anyone have any ideas for clever workarounds in HD Pro 2018?
  13. Kirk, thanks for the reply. However, almost none of the colors you posted from the core catalog, and I did look at them in my program, look yellow. They are browns and pinks. Bright, Gold and Mustard - in the core catalog - are the only ones that are actually yellow. Looking at the shades, I can tell yellow was used in the paint mix. I guess I just expect colors categorized as "yellow" to be discernibly yellow-colored. Oh, well. Thanks again for the replies. I will soldier on.... And the more I type the word yellow, the more bizarre it is looking
  14. I see very nice, very yellow yellows. Please see my images, below, just saved from HD Pro 2018. None of those colors are yellow!! Am I just crazy?!
  15. I am far enough along in my house plan to start obsessing with color palattes and I'm wondering if any other users have this issue: I have several of the paint manufacturer catalogs downloaded into my Library ( Behr, Benjamin Moore, Resene, and Sherwin Williams). Unfortunately, ALL of the yellows are either muddy browns or queasy shades of pink. These companies all have beautiful yellows I would like to use and this is driving me to distraction! (I know I can create my own materials but, for some maddening reason, HD won't hold the material properties for more than a few days. Which is another topic.) I am currently using HD Pro 2018 but had this problem in HD 2017, as well. Has anyone else noticed this? For what it's worth, I don't have any problem with the exact same shades on Behr's website looking appropriately yellow so I don't think it's my computer but a problem with how HD is processing the color file. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  16. What, exactly, is wrong with the camera views? Could you post a screen shot so we can see what's going on? Also, please fill out your signature with your version for future posts.
  17. DaveJo, you edit the floor and ceiling materials in the Materials option at the bottom of the left sidebar - in the image you included it is the last option beneath Structure.
  18. What you are describing is called a Juliet Balcony. I found one in the library called a Mediterranean Balcony. Unfortunately, I can't figure out where I found it within the library (Core or Bonus) but when I open the object it says "Copyright 2010, Chief Architect, Inc." so it must be squirreled away in there somewhere. (See attached image.) I stuck one of the outside of the house and placed double doors to access it and it does not generate support posts when added. There may also be some on 3D Warehouse. Hope this helps.
  19. I second Jo_Ann - I've been on stairs that narrow and they were terrifying to walk down!
  20. Solver, the Paste Hold Position worked really well and put the stairs (three sections of stairs with two landings) exactly where I wanted them to be. However, when I went back and checked that they reached the next level, I found that they didn't and what happened was the Paste Hold Position had pasted three, separate stairs not connected to each other! I deleted the landings and re-did them and that joined the stairs up and let them reach the next level. But, since my second landing has a curve to it, I ended up copy/pasting a correctly drawn landing on top of it and then matching the curve on my new landing. A bit of a hassle but nothing like trying to line these suckers up using the Reference Floor Display. I just wanted to let others know, if they have the same issue, that some futzing may still be needed using this method but is totally worth it. Thanks again!!
  21. Ah, Paste Hold Position is new to me and works just fine. Thanks! That's going to be very useful.
  22. No, I have not. I'll see if I can make that work....Thanks for the quick reply!
  23. I am using HD Pro 2017. I have stairs from the basement to the first floor and stairs from the first floor to the second floor. The stairs are stacked. Is there any easier way to align these two sets of stairs besides turning on the Reference Floor Display and eyeballing it? (I've done a search on the forum but didn't find a solution.) Thanks in advance for any advice.
  24. I, too, have an ICF foundation and while I can see the drywall layer in 3D views, I can't see the drywall in Plan View. I have made certain "Walls, Main Layer Only" is unchecked. Is there something else I have overlooked or could it be a quirk in the program? It may not make much difference but it does affect my interior dimensions. Thanks in advance!