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  1. RobinD

    Cheap and dirty

    New build. Design is driven by my desire to use solar for space heating and the lay of the land. The property is heavily wooded with deep valleys and there is really only one spot to economically plant a house. I'm retired and single so it doesn't need to be any larger. I'm a big fan of hard working Rumford fireplaces so that is the focus of the great room. If the budged allowed I would do real timber framing in the great room but the beams provide that ambiance without the expense. My existing FSBO home is similar in design. If you want check it out at: The home will be of Southwestern flavor thruout. I see you are from AZ. If you know of any legit but affordable suppliers of Native American "stuff" let me know.
  2. RobinD

    Cheap and dirty

    I got the locked pitch. What I'm wondering is if there is a way to do what I did (see pic) without having to manually change everything else. Just me being lazy.
  3. RobinD

    Cheap and dirty

    Seems that the pitch gets crazy when I change the fascia and ridge heights. That's probably just me.
  4. RobinD

    Cheap and dirty

    If you open the file you will see the second floor sticking up like a sore thumb. Is there a quick and easy way to lower the roof height in that second floor. I've played around with changing fascia and ridge top height but get goofy results. I've set the wall height for the rooms but that doesn't show in 3D views. It would be nice if one could select the roof and just drag it down to whatever height one wanted. 12.20.19 second floor
  5. RobinD

    3 way switchs

    How does one show two 3 way's on two different floors? Example: bottom of stairwell and top of stairwell controlling a second story bedroom lighting circuit.
  6. RobinD

    Square Footage

    In HD Pro 2020 does the program figure square footage for all floors at once or do I need to add up each floor to get the total?
  7. RobinD


    I've upgraded from Suite to HD Pro. Can I sell my HD Suite 2019 DVD to a private party (say an e-bay buyer) and will that buyer be able to get support? Will said buyer have to pay any license fees to Chief?
  8. RobinD

    Silly Q

    That was easy! Thanks for the tip. Please ignore my last edit.
  9. RobinD

    Silly Q

    Just upgraded to HD Pro from Suite. In Suite I was able to move the entire visible on screen plan side to side and up and down using the bars on the bottom and right side of the plan view and the mouse. In Pro it seems these bars are gone and It looks like the keyboard arrow keys are the only way to move the plan. Unfortunately the plan seems to also rotate while moving side to side. Is it possible to just move the entire screen (plan) up and down and side to side? After more experimentation the issue appears to be zoom in 3D views. The up/down arrow keys zoom the view in and out. Can this action be changed from zoom to vertical movement?
  10. RobinD

    Individual Wall Heights

    Good idea....
  11. RobinD

    Individual Wall Heights

    In HD Pro is it possible to alter individual wall heights - both interior and exterior?
  12. RobinD


    That worked - sort of. Now of course there is a "ceiling" shown which looks goofy. If I upgrade to pro would it enable me to place fixtures at whatever height I need and also allow me to manipulate as necessary?
  13. RobinD


    Sometimes this program is maddening. As you can see by the pic, I have a beam placed in front of a wall in which there is a fireplace inserted. I'm trying to place a 4' track on the bottom side of the beam - centered on the fireplace. The program automatically places the fixture on the vaulted ceiling above the beam at the same pitch as the roof. I can grab the fixture and pull it down to about the right height but it retains the angle of the roof pitch - with no way to rotate it. Any ideas? 3-27-19_alt_fireplace.plan
  14. RobinD

    Carport Blues

    Thats what I meant. Thanks.
  15. RobinD

    Carport Blues

    Exactly-easy to size and place but can't be modified. I would assume this can be done in HD Pro?