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  1. RobinD


    Are Cross Sections and Elevations to scale depending on print settings - like 1/8 = 12 East Wall Elevation.pdf
  2. RobinD

    Shower drain

    Where did you find the drain itself? I'm using HD Pro as well but can't find the drain in the library....
  3. RobinD

    Brain Freeze

    Thanks for that. Unfortunately my 2020 version doesn't have the build framing for selected object command in the toolbar. I'll look around and see if I can find it. Thanks to both you and Solver.
  4. RobinD

    Brain Freeze

    Thought it would be something an expert would know off the top of their head. The weirdness started when I replaced a ICF wall (the Garage wall in question) with a standard 2x6 "siding -6" wall which was in place originally and showing the studs. I changed to ICF in the Wall Spec box and then later changed my mind and reverted to the stud wall. The zipped plan file is enclosed. Wall
  5. RobinD

    Brain Freeze

    Make that just below the yellow garage wall
  6. RobinD

    Brain Freeze

    The 2x6 wall "underneath" the garage wall (yellow)
  7. RobinD

    Brain Freeze

    All you experts out there please excuse my temporary loss of cognizant mind functions but for the life of me I can't figure out how to view the studs in the wall circled. The rest of the plan shows stud locations and spacing and I'll be dammed if i can remember how i was able to enable that. What am I messing? Thanks in advance.
  8. RobinD

    Invisible ICF walls

  9. RobinD

    Invisible ICF walls

    Obviously. Would like to see the ICF wall in the 3D framing view. They are part of the "framing" structure after all.
  10. RobinD

    Invisible ICF walls

    In HD Pro the ICF wall do not appear in 3D framing view. I've checked all the usual places to no avail. What am I missing? I'm wondering if it is because a solid ICF wall would hide some of the stick framing.
  11. RobinD

    Cheap and dirty

    New build. Design is driven by my desire to use solar for space heating and the lay of the land. The property is heavily wooded with deep valleys and there is really only one spot to economically plant a house. I'm retired and single so it doesn't need to be any larger. I'm a big fan of hard working Rumford fireplaces so that is the focus of the great room. If the budged allowed I would do real timber framing in the great room but the beams provide that ambiance without the expense. My existing FSBO home is similar in design. If you want check it out at: The home will be of Southwestern flavor thruout. I see you are from AZ. If you know of any legit but affordable suppliers of Native American "stuff" let me know.
  12. RobinD

    Cheap and dirty

    I got the locked pitch. What I'm wondering is if there is a way to do what I did (see pic) without having to manually change everything else. Just me being lazy.
  13. RobinD

    Cheap and dirty

    Seems that the pitch gets crazy when I change the fascia and ridge heights. That's probably just me.
  14. RobinD

    Cheap and dirty

    If you open the file you will see the second floor sticking up like a sore thumb. Is there a quick and easy way to lower the roof height in that second floor. I've played around with changing fascia and ridge top height but get goofy results. I've set the wall height for the rooms but that doesn't show in 3D views. It would be nice if one could select the roof and just drag it down to whatever height one wanted. 12.20.19 second floor
  15. RobinD

    3 way switchs

    How does one show two 3 way's on two different floors? Example: bottom of stairwell and top of stairwell controlling a second story bedroom lighting circuit.