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    Camera views all messed up.

    I some cases exterior walls look like they are there are missing. You may see a window or door but no wall. On interior views, you see right through walls to the outside. I am trying to redraw walls that look like they are fine. Getting errors about ceiling height. I'll see what I can do about a screen shot. Any Ideas on how to get my Auto dimensions back? Again Floor Plan looks OK Thanks
  2. Shawda1

    Camera views all messed up.

    Using Suite 2018. My Floor Plan view looks good. Went to Camera view, either one. And saw a few problems. Started trying to fix them. Things just started getting worse. I have about 20 hours in this plan. Floor Plan view still looks good. But the camera views all look very bad. even places I have not touched are all messed up. So I thought I would just have to start over. Even though my floor plan view still looks good. Not finished but not bad. Tried to start over with a new plan but the Auto Dimension s don't work and I can't turn them on. I don't know what else to do but reinstall the software. Any Ideas. Hard to draw without seeing the dimensions.