Roof and Bone structure


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Hello I when I build a roof framing I get the roof bone structure you can see on the HDPro2018 screenshot below



but I would like to have a visual like the following picture with the same roof truss type,




Any Tips ?



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This is a lot easier to do in Chief Premier than Home Designer Pro but by working in and with Sketch Up you can make the custom objects you need in Sketch Up and then import into Home Designer Pro (with Chief Premier Sketch Up is unnecessary as many custom objects that can only be made in Sketch Up can be made in Premier).

For instance the beams that are perpendicular to the roof planes can only be made in Sketch Up or Chief Premier. Also the custom truss in your photo can only be made in detail in Sketch Up and then imported into HD Pro or done completely in Chief Premier.

The bottom line is how important you consider such customization is to your products. If you want to stay with HD Pro then you will have to also download, learn and use the free Sketch Up application for creation of custom objects that HD Pro cannot on its own make.



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The truss was done with regular soffits, sloped soffits, and cylinder shapes (for the bolts).  It was then 'blocked'.

The purlins were done using the custom backsplash.  Then copy/pasted, and moved into position.


truss and purlins.JPG

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