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  1. Xerobacter

    Roof and Bone structure

    Thanks for the answers. I have a new one Jo_Ann how did you rotate the soffits/truss I can't find the function/tool to to so on Home Designer? Cheers
  2. Xerobacter

    Roof and Bone structure

    Hello I when I build a roof framing I get the roof bone structure you can see on the HDPro2018 screenshot below but I would like to have a visual like the following picture with the same roof truss type, Any Tips ? Thanks
  3. Xerobacter

    Ceiling angle

    Thanks for the answer, merci Je vis dans les Cévènnes.
  4. Xerobacter

    Ceiling angle

    Hello first of all : sorry if I make writting or spelling mistakes, English in not my mother tong. I would like to build a ceiling who have the same angle than the roof and also control is thickness (of the ceiling). Each time I build the roof the ceiling is horizontal, thing I don't want. It is possible and do the external and internal walls will join the ceiling ? I want to do that because I'm planning to put Skylight windows on the roof. Thanks Arnaud from France. Please find 2 pictures in attachment the 1 is from the soft Full overview, the 2 is the kind of visual I would like to reach.