HDPro 2018 - Enhanced Render Features


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Hi - The 2018 software update suggests one new feature as follows  -


'Enhanced Render Features, Ambient Occlusion, Bloom, Normal Maps and Bump Maps are all elements that can be leveraged in Rendered Views'.


I have updated to the new 2018 HDPro - and I have spent a while trying to find these new features.

Has anyone else also done so - and if so, where are they located please?

I can't find them. ( EG., Define Material window - not there, Rendering Technique options - not there....Ref. Manual Chapter 31 - nothing?)


Thanks in advance.


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David - yes -I have found the Ambient Occlusion slider and the Bloom tick box in General Camera Default...Thanks for that tip.

And Eric, thanks for the suggestion -  I did a search in a number of places before posting - Nil results.


Ambient occlusion is a method to approximate how bright light should be shining on any specific part of a surface, based on the light and it's environment.


The strength of the bloom effect is largely determined by the range and the strength of the blur filter used. The resulting blurred texture is what we use to get the glow or light-bleeding effect.




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