Issue with framing and my roofline with Home Designer Architectural


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Hello all! I am a first time user & poster. I've had a great experience with the software so far.


I'm using Home Designer Architectural 2017. The plan itself & 2 pictures are attached.


I cannot solve the following issue:

  • The roofline keeps descending down from the 3rd floor all the way to the 1st floor over the garage. Why is that?


The framing shows how odd this is. Everything else is working as desired.


The other hint that something is amiss is that there is clearly a hole in the roof of the 3rd floor with an odd wall sticking out the back of the house when viewed in 3D. I'm assuming this is part of the same issue.


Any help/advice/solution would be much appreciated. I've been through the videos, but they haven't brought me to the solution. Thank you!!!


outside of house.jpg


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Floor 2, Jacqui's closet:  You haven't set the upper/lower pitch roof on the east wall.  Setting the baseline to 15' closes the roof hole and the sticking-out wall.

Not understanding what you are wanting the descending roof line to look like?

Maybe experiment with the ceiling height in Jacquie's closet room?

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This one is all auto roof.


Looking at your elevations, I must assume the closet area over the garage has a low slope roof. I moved the exterior 2 walls of this space in a foot or two. 


Added an upper/lower pitch to the right hand garage wall starting 8' in from the baseline.


The gable above the garage doors is an Auto Floating Dormer adjusted to look more like your drawings.


An automatic dormer is not going to work at the rear on the upper floor because it needs to span 2 roof planes. 


Getting the gable above and left of the flat roof over the closet will also be an interesting exercise.



djsikora 2.jpg

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I was able to create the roof over Jacqui's Closet with auto build roof.

1st had to lower the finished ceiling to 42" (Jacqui's Closet).

Then on level 1 (garage, front and east wall)...  Set upper/lower pitch, and set from baseline 104".


I haven't found a solution yet to level 3 family room dutch roof  (above Jacqui's closet flat roof, the roof to the right side of the small window).

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