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  1. That's it!!! You got it!! Thanks so much solver & Jo_Ann!! Is there anyway you could post your plan so I can play around? Also, I guess I may need to pony up the extra $ for the Professional version correct?
  2. Thanks Solver! I have updated my signature. What you changed is much closer to what I'm after. Please see attached elevations which should make it clearer. Do that help? 10-A2.1.pdf 11-A2.2.pdf
  3. Hello all! I am a first time user & poster. I've had a great experience with the software so far. I'm using Home Designer Architectural 2017. The plan itself & 2 pictures are attached. I cannot solve the following issue: The roofline keeps descending down from the 3rd floor all the way to the 1st floor over the garage. Why is that? The framing shows how odd this is. Everything else is working as desired. The other hint that something is amiss is that there is clearly a hole in the roof of the 3rd floor with an odd wall sticking out the back of the house when viewed in 3D. I'm assuming this is part of the same issue. Any help/advice/solution would be much appreciated. I've been through the videos, but they haven't brought me to the solution. Thank you!!! my_plan.plan