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I just purchased the Home Designer Suite 2017 specifically to import a .dwg file from my architect.  I want to play around with interior design of the living room and kitchen.  I don't see an import option for the drawings.  Did I buy the wrong software?  I read on the knowledge base that importing .dwg files was possible.  Maybe my .dwg file is corrupted?





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To expand on what Eric has said, no Home Designer title has the ability to import a .dwg file format, Pro, as Eric said will import a .dxf file format. I agree with Eric in that you can print out the .dwg file at a print shop and then using it as a guide, draw the walls, then make them accurate using dimension tools, add windows and doors and you're off an running. You can easily do that in Suite, except for the roof system (Suite has a limited ability to create roof systems).



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This is what I do to draw from an existing drawing, regardless of file type.  I 1st covert the drawing to a picture image (e.g. jpg or png).  Import the image into my plan.  Then draw one exterior wall to the known specified dimension.  Then I resize the jpg (using the image handle) to match the wall I drew to get to the right scale.  Once you sized the jpg to the right scale, you can just trace the rest of the drawing (and place fixtures) without any calculations/measurements.


The sizing of the jpg will never be exact - but I suspect you're just trying to visualize your build in 3D - for that purpose, it's accurate enough.


An extra step, if you choose, is to use an image editor (or just Power Point) to set the background color of your drawing to transparent.  That way, when you draw over it, you can still see the dimension grids.


Attached is an example of a drawing image (in png) that you can import to your plan for tracing.



HD Pro 2017

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On 10/8/2016 at 11:14 AM, solver said:



Only Pro imports DXF files.


If you have the plan, why not just draw it? Importing will only give you walls which are quick to draw.

I have Home Designer 2018, but I cannot import a DXF file. It's telling me the file type is not supported. Could somebody tell me how I may be going about this wrong? 

I have a pdf of the design as well, but I'm unable to manipulate this like a plan I have drawn myself. 

Any help is appreciated. 

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Thank you BOTH. The file I attached was from another user, with a higher level, helping me fix a problem with my original plan's roofline. I won't have to import his if I can fix my own problem.

I searched the forums and tutorials, but I could not solve this on my own with my very limited experience. 

I've attached my original plan. There's a hip in the middle of the shed over the LR. I cannot get rid of it.

I want it to look like the one attached on the previous email in which I was trying to import. 




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You should have started a new topic of your own for your question about the roof.


The east exterior wall of the house is set as high shed/gableUncheck that.

The north exterior wall of the house is also set as high shed/gable.  Uncheck that and put a check in "gable".

Your 2 closets next to the north house wall (in the kitchen) are causing the problem.  Raise their ceiling heights to match the kitchen.

When you are certain that you will no longer need to rebuild the roof, turn off "auto build roof" and reset the desired ceiling heights in both closets.

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