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  1. With HD ARCH 18, are you able to add can lights to eves/gables?
  2. So this means that with my current version, I have to increase the overhang on the entire wall and cannot apply to specific walls, correct sir? Random idea, would placing wall-breaks along that back wall allow me to select my specific wall(s) and adjust the overhang?? Thanks as always!
  3. I don't expect it to. I just want to know how to manually increase the eve/overhang on the right two rooms w/ high shed roofs, past what my defaults are set to.
  4. if it's above the 1st level would I go to attic level to active this? I'm only wanting to extend the 2 upper rooflines in the picture
  5. I thought that was how I had done this in the past, but it will not let me select just the roof plane only to do so.
  6. How can extend the eve of just one end of a shed roof? I'm only wanting to increase the uppermost eve of my shed roof for exterior accent lighting.
  7. 'm trying to get the "owners" closet to match the utility room at a ceiling height of 120", but when i delete the attic walls over the taller room or adjust the room's ceiling height, it lowers the roof as well. How can I adjust this room down to 120" and not affect my roof? THX! -HD ARCH 18
  8. Any reason why using this tool would be auto adjusting the lighting in each room?
  9. It seems I had somehow dimmed the lights, and then somehow just turned them back on revealing that my material painter was in fact working. Can anyone tell me how I was toggling back and forth between light/dark when using the material painter?
  10. I looked through the knowledge base, and it seems I may have accidentally locked the "cabinet layer," but I'm not displaying the "lock" column to see this when I TOOLS>DISPLAY OPTIONS as you can see in the picture. Is this a limitation of HD Architectural 2018? It would seem if I somehow turned it on, then I should be able to turn it off.
  11. All 1 level, all vaulted ceilings. I'm trying to get the attic walls to fill in and the roofs to overhang on the insides to match the outsides. Thanks in advance!
  12. I selected the two check boxes, but it did not fill in. Where else may I have messed up?
  13. I went to the Attic level and manually drew the walls, but they did not extend up into the attic. It's as if they drew the L2 walls, despite me not even having a L2. Suggestions sir?
  14. You nailed it! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  15. I'm getting closer!
  16. Would using a wall break, or potentially turning the interior walls to reformatted exterior walls help me?
  17. it seems as though I need to break them up and treat them as 3 independent rooms/roofs?
  18. Yes, and i cannot get the roof correct.
  19. Will HD ARCHITECT 2018 allow me to draw this cabin in the picture? If so, could someone direct me to a tutorial on how to separate the 3 opposing shed roofs?
  20. I’m sorry, where is this?
  21. Is there a way to dictate the interior angle of the many repeating walls with this type floorpan? Thanks! HD ARCH 2018


    Often times, when I make a change, the lighting of my current view will darken substantially. Any reason for this and how to fix? HD ARCH 18
  23. trying to insert a wall break in the middle of the vanity inset to create a chevron type of look, but it's forcing me to place it here every time. Thanks in advance! HD ARCH 18


    I searched the video forums, but I haven't been able to find any on creating custom fireplaces. If someone could post a link or give me some guidance please? Home Designer Arch 2018