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Most City's have documentation on their Websites about what is required for a standard set of Permit Plans for a Set Of Construction Docs (CD's).


Then you need to Use Pro to produce/Print the required pages at the required scales.


this might help too


some other KB articles on Layouts etc too

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A set of plans is what Home Designer Pro is designed to assist one in creating. As others have pointed out, one would have to know what is locally required by the plan checking-permitting authority in order to properly define what is required by that authority.


So your first step is a visit to their website or office to see what their requirements are.


Then you learn how to use the software in order to create and format such required plans.


There is no single source of training that would "fit all" possible requirements  other than your Reference Manual and its chapters that describe how to create construction documents using the provided tools.


Basically you find out what is needed and wanted  by your local building permit authority and then using Home Designer Pro to create those documents.


It is easier to state what is required than it is to then by study and practice developing the competence to then do those actions. You already have the raw materials and documentation. There are many video tutorials that break down the various jobs and tools to do what needs doing, so just start at the beginning and carry through based upon knowing what you need to present.



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Layouts 101 Basics

  • Of the Home Designer programs, only Pro has layouts.
  • Go through the Layout Tutorial in the User's Guide.
  • Watch the Layouts training video.
  • Review the Layout Knowledge Base Articles such as . . .
    KB-00527: Creating a Layout
    KB-01829: Resizing a Layout Title Block and Border
    KB-00439: Creating a Cross Section Detail
  • Layouts in Home Designer Pro are limited to a single page, BUT you can create a new layout file for each individual page (OR you can upgrade to the Premier version that has multi-page layouts).
  • The max print size in Pro is Arch C (18" x 24"), BUT you can create a PDF with views at 1/8" scale on 11" x 17" and have a print shop double it to get 1/4" on a larger sheet (OR you can upgrade to the Premier version which doesn't have any print size limits and would let you print directly to Arch D 24" x 36").


This was helpful to me.

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