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  1. yes the countertop material was set as shiny sorry to hear about your health troubles would need a copy of the plan to figure out the lamp
  2. timeless did you get it figured out?
  3. check your regional codes and look up the type of fireplace you are going to be purchasing on the suppliers website for dimensions. image search will also help with some basic guidelines. i'm not sure yours has enough clearance for most areas?
  4. adding accessories like switches, outlets, and other objects makes scene look more lived in and realistic.
  5. backup entire plan would help with us getting all your customized materials. lots looks flat and just a color without them. solver there are cameras saved in the plan but the layer is turned off for that and the electrical in plan. the box pendants aren't set up right. they should probably be using a higher intensity bulb and the offset is wrong. the two outer ones should probably have around 47" set for the base and the shorter middle one to 40". you also probably shouldnt have everything all turned on for the best effect. look into using the adjust lights settings (3d->lighting->adjust lights). the first part of this thread helps with making the appliances look better.
  6. What version? Was window made round using the arch settings, or placed from browser?
  7. Disclaimer = I have not tried this
  8. were asking for the actual programs file and a photo of what you want not a pic of what you have
  9. marceline


    i posted this in the other thread too. this one may also be helpful for people who don't have pro and layouts. creating plan sets - https://www.homedesi...-plan-sets.html
  10. Zoom way in on the view in layout. Select the box. Click Update View. Or you can just use the Vector rendering technique, like Kat suggested.
  11. Sure your in an elevation when you send?
  12. Try PLOT LINES instead of LIVE VIEW. Closer?
  13. this one may also be helpful for people who don't have pro and layouts. creating plan sets -
  14. this is great thanks! wasn't sure if it was buried in the earlier link, but this article explains how to create a new material to use the metals posted earlier. it shows the "stretch to fit" option in the dialog image, but the material they used for an example needs to tile across a surface, unlike creating a new material for these shiny metals.
  16. Spoke with Support and confirmed that is a problem with the integrated Intel 3000 graphics chips. They sent new templates where it don't try to generate shadows and they work.
  17. Thank you, I will get in touch with the software support. In the meantime, I think it has something to do with generating shadows. On my desktop, which has an NVidia card, the views generate fine with a new plan, but they have shadows already as soon as I create the view with new files, but there's no automatic shadows with the templates and samples. If I try to do a "Final View with Shadows" in the templates or samples on my laptop that has the Intel chip, it locks up then too.
  18. Did you hear back from the company's Support people? I have the same problem, lock up in taking camera views of new plans but the samples and templates with stuff saved in them seem to come up okay. Also using an Intel chipset, 2015 driver.