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  1. Hey there everyone! Thanks for all of your help, it was the view I was using. Technical View is not a good elevation view to use. Vector looks great! Thanks again! Matt.
  2. solver, thanks for the adding image help! I also see in your picture the technical view has quality issues. For elevations, is the vector view the only good quality option for layout?
  3. DavidJPotter, I noticed in your video you mentioned that technical drawings are images, although you can scale it. I will try the vector view and see if that is better. I figured the technical view would have been the best since there are actually options, like line weight and such.
  4. marceline, zooming in and then update view does help a bit, but still very bad quality. Good thought though!
  5. Not sure how to add pictures directly. I made another album to see if it works. Here is in elevation camera view, looks fine:
  6. BUT after sending to layout this is what it looks like
  7. This is in the elevation view, looks great!
  8. I'm using the Technical Illustration View, in the Rendering Technique Options I have turned the warn and cool color to white, warm blend and cool blend to 0%, line thickness to 4. None of these options helps in anyway.
  9. Yup, I'm in an Cross Section/Elevation camera tab. Look great, but when it gets sent to layout it looks blurry, pixelly and when printed out it looks the same.
  10. Unfortunately the Plot Line option is not an option I can pick, it is greyed out. Thanks! Matt.
  11. Not completely sure what you are looking for, the Send to Layout dialog doesn't seem to have any quality options. But this is what is selected: Send position: nothing Send Options: Entire Plan/View Camera View Options: Live View > Update on Demand (Camera View Options does not let me change, these are default) Scaling: 1/2" = 1' and Use Layout Line Scaling box is checked Plot Line Options Default Line Weight is 18, Default Pattern Weight is 10 and Merge Generated Lines is checked. Thanks! Matt.
  12. Hey there, I have 2017 Pro. I use the elevation camera tool to make for an example, front elevation. Looks great, BUT when I send to layout it turns into bad quality and when printed looks horrible. How can I get the elevation in the layout to look as good as the elevation camera view? Thanks! Matt.