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  1. I drew my floor plan using straight exterior or straight interior walls selected from the toolbar, but now when I open any specific wall they all display as exterior.
  2. chiefhal

    Using edit area?

    Thank you very much. Your video is just what I needed. I'll be going through it step by step. What a great reference. Thanks again, Hal
  3. chiefhal

    Using edit area?

    Kbird, You are absolutely right. My 62 year old brain is a little slow on the uptake. Thanks for your patience.
  4. chiefhal

    Using edit area?

    HDP15. I have a very simple kitchen plan showing only walls, one pocket door, one window and two dimensions. Using edit area I'm drawing a shaded rectangle around my kitchen. I then hit edit - copy. I then display my new layout and hit edit paste and I end up with the layout very small inside the floor plan. Help please.
  5. How do I pull a specific section of a overall house plan, such as a kitchen, and develop a new sheet specifically for the kitchen? Thanks.
  6. chiefhal


    I'm Using HDP15. I want to develop a set of plans to submit to the building department. Is anyone aware of a webinar or tutorial on this subject. Thanks.
  7. There is a + in the used column and a check in the display column.
  8. I'm using HDP15. When drawing exterior walls the temporary demension does not appear. I've tried going to VIEW>TEMPORARY DEMENSION, nothing changes.
  9. chiefhal

    Brand New to HDP

    Sorry for not getting back sooner. It was a driver issue. I spent hours trying to solve the problem following Dell's direction, but when my 25 year old son cmae home I ask him to see what he could do. He went to Intel's site downloaded the latest driver and it work's great. Thanks for all your help.
  10. chiefhal

    Brand New to HDP

    Thanks, to both of you. I ran the diagnostics for the video card and I'm told everything is current and running properly. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. What is the proper way to go from plan veiw to dollhouse view allowing me do design the kithen? Thanks,
  11. chiefhal

    Brand New to HDP

    I'm brand new to Home Designer Pro or any home design software for that matter. I've drawn my floor plan and I'm trying to get into 3D mode to put my kitchen together. Nothing is visible until I move the scroll button, then the 3D view appears, but when I move the mouse it disapears. Thanks, Hal