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  1. KayNine

    Kitchen Appliances

    The metal materials posted here still work well in 2018 as well as Kat's other suggestions in https://hometalk.chiefarchitect.com/topic/2468-tip-best-3d-camera-view-renderings/
  2. My version uses Install Core Content phrasing for reference.
  3. Wall height is controlled by room's ceiling height. You may also use Half Walls that do not reach to ceiling. Roof Over this Room must be selected for roof to generate over rooms (it is already checked default over most room types but your plan has unchecked). You misspell paraphet = should be PARAPET. All Home Designer software has the break wall tool (under Build -> Wall -> Break Wall if you are unfamiliar with button appearance). Agree with others that you are getting upset without understanding how the software functions. Go through the User's Guide first to gain understanding, then look at the videos and articles and post questions on specific things you aren't sure of. Try not to get upset when asking for gaining understanding with others.
  4. KayNine

    Bar overhang

    The bar top overhang should be a minimum of 8-1/2 inches and could be as much as 10 inches so your knees do not hit the bar front. For our extra tall customers the 10 inch overhang maybe necessary. http://www.hardwoodsincorporated.com/bar-dimensions.aspx
  5. There is detailed list on website of contrast - https://www.homedesignersoftware.com/chief-architect/
  6. Doors, cabinets, windows, these are all things easily built using tools with more flex than use objects from the library.
  7. Is there easy way to add text to glass doors for 3D views? Such as business name or store hours?
  8. Edit to Default Settings to Foundation defaults - Stem Wall height before changing rooms or unhappy results just changing ceiling values.
  9. KayNine

    Kitchen Appliances

    I wish to share more I have found for others such gold and copper too.
  10. KayNine


    WINE is no good for use actual video card driver software, this is why it does not work good for 3D software.
  11. You can do a screen capture instead of an export from the software and it works.