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  1. Thanks all, I'll try that out..
  2. Hmmm, guess I'll just have to turn it off and on then...
  3. OK Ill give it a shot, thanks..
  4. Here is the plan... plan.plan
  5. The only thing above is an empty 2nd floor. I'll post the plan shortly..
  6. What are all my interior 4 & 6 walls ends unfinished? I modified the layers to add paint, so I am assuming its because of that but I can't see why. Did I do it right?
  7. Hi All, probably a simple answer but I can t find it in a search. I have imported a jpg of my floorpan that I am building out on top of. I keep accidentally clicking the image though. Is there a way to "lock" it so it is not clickable?
  8. Thanks All, I got the roofs to cooperate. Much appreciated…
  9. solver, problems in the sense that I couldn’t get them to be the way I wanted. All, I was able to get the rear 2nd floor roof as I wanted it. I had to split 2 of the walls on the long sides of the house to be able to create the roof like I wanted it. Jo_Ann, can you please give me a quick idea of how you created the 2nd floor balcony/roof? Thanks All…
  10. Thanks for the help all, I was able to get the roof on the 3rd floor done properly. But as you can see it has created problems with the roof on all other floors. You can see from the attached architects drawings how is it supposed to look. Related question: Is it possible in this version of HD to control the 3 sections of roof independently? I haven’t found a way yet at least. (I have not yet created the second floor balcony, so the roof on the front of the house isn’t expected to be correct.)
  11. Wow thank you so much everyone for taking the time to help, especially the youtube video, Much appreciated, I will give it a go tonight when Im at home..
  12. Hello, I am trying to create a rooftop deck with a parapet wall and a small rec room. The entire roof is a flat deck surrounded by the 3ft parapet wall. The rec room is in the center, and is attached to the parapet wall on 1 side. I achieved the parapet wall by creating a railing all the way around the structure. The problems I’m having are: 1. The walls of the Rec room are backwards, meaning the exterior of the wall is facing inside. 2. I can’t get the roof to create right. 3. Since the walls are reversed I can’t create interior walls You can see from attachment 1 I am unable to get a roof build. Attachment 2 is the drawing from the architect that I am trying to match (this is my home that I am currently building). Attachment 3 is the plan pic Attachment 4 is the 3rd floor plan. Can anyone help me with a starting point as to how they would build this? Im using HD Architectural 2016 Mac. TIA 3rdfloor.plan
  13. OK duh, never mind. Figured it out. Under the Build menu
  14. Does my version come with Sliding Glass Doors and also Packet Doors? I have installed the core catalogs and all the catalogs in the “get additional content online”. I cannot find either type of door either by drilling down or a search. Thanks
  15. OK I did it and it has worked. Thanks for the help Kbird…