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  1. That’s funny! The plan layout has definitely been forced. I have had a difficult time trying to achieve the layout I’m looking for with my limited experience in this software. Originally I was not planning on having any portion of the building to have a full basement. I decided later to add that one area under the garage floor for basement storage space.To answer your question, this is the basement plan.
  2. Good morning, I am having some trouble trying to create a Camera View (Shift-J) in my basement plan. I think it might have something to do with the garage above supplying the floor below. I am trying to show another concrete slab in the full basement and get a set of straight stairs to build up to the garage floor correctly. Can't seem to get the camera view, stairs, or basement slab to work properly. Any ideas? Thank you for the help! I am using Home Designer Pro 2020. Waterside_Barn_Plans_Concept.plan
  3. Thank you for the tips! It looks like I have solved these issues after receiving some advice on the chief talk forum.
  4. Good evening, I received some great advice here in the past and am hoping for a little help on my latest barn design. I am having a couple of issues: Two roof planes are not connecting at the main ridge and I cannot figure out how to adjust individual wall heights to connect the ridge properly. I may have built the walls incorrectly on the second floor. I was trying to have the apartment floor elevation 14" (One step with two risers) lower than the floor in the office to help lower the ridge height above the apartment a bit. Also, I'm seeing areas where siding is not present on the full perspective overview in the back of the barn near the side of the Lean-To. Can't seem to get those walls and rakes/fascias to build correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Waterside_Barn_Plans_Concept.plan
  5. Just thought I would post a few pics of the finished home renovation after all of the help I received here on this forum. Thanks again and happy holidays.
  6. Thank you so much David and Kat. All of your advice and helpful Youtube video helped me work out most of the bugs on this plan. What a fantastic first experience posting on this board. I look forward to learning a lot from everybody here in the future. All the best, Jarrett
  7. Eric and Dave, Thank you for the advice. Here is the uploaded plan file. This is my first attempt using CA but I have found most of the program features are very intuitive. I really appreciate your input. The windows were causing me trouble on second floor and I also struggled in the attic trying to create a simple Nantucket style dormer. I couldn't get the dormer roofs to be continuous. Waterside Lane R4 Laundry Rm Mods.plan
  8. Hi everyone, I am working on concept renderings and floor plans for a renovation and am having some trouble. I typically have no trouble placing new windows in a wall assembly but for some reason the windows on the second floor are not working correctly. Any time I add a window on this level CA inserts the window frame but allows the siding to run through the window surface. In other words, I see lap siding inside of any new window I place. Does anyone know how to fix this? All of the default window settings are the same and I have no trouble placing new windows on any other floor of the house. Thanks so much for your help. Jarrett