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  1. I know what you are saying and that's just it, the default of 975 to the available space per side of 750 just makes a frustration cause the program s/w isn't adaptable, nor is it smart enough to make larger walls and then shrink the entire thing to the available space. I did the winder one too, issue is with the smaller segments, with any of this,... is that if you stop and shrink the width, none of the instructions they have work. I must have tried that winder 100 times. In the end, I manually had to adjust the height of each of the three sections doing the math on a napkin to get it to work. None of the instructions, nor any of the tolls do what they are supposed to.
  2. Been trying to build a simple stairs, but its narrower than whatever, where ever the default is set - which is NOT in the EDIT DEFAULT settings. So if you follow the tutorial, its simple, make two sections and join and every thing is perfect - not. The narrow width - a 'real dimension' in use in the 'real world' confuses the software and the tools don't work to get the "landing" to turn into pie shaped sections. Even when you narrow it afterwards it doesn't revert and make the pie sections. Hours, its unreal that there isn't a default stair setting in HD pro 2018, it should be right with the wall and other settings. That might solve the issue, maybe not, plan attached - ignore the lack of second floor details - that does not relate to this discussion on how to get a simple U stairs drawn. HD FORUM stairs.plan
  3. No and yes, it does not work. I stated real clear, the first floor is concrete, I do not want the second floor to be concrete - if the assumption is it's a full floor, it comes out as that & can't change it. It still doesn't work if you follow the instruction of this room over a garage (I started there to begin with before posting the question).
  4. well that is very confusing, convoluted and just not clear at all. at 0 its a foundation, sounds spot on - did you look at the model? at 1 it says floor supplied by the foundation room below and monolithic slab so as far as I am concerned - that is correct 2.
  5. no, its a house, it doesn't matter, second floor is second floor and it should be 2x construction
  6. Unclear what you are asking. The slab is UNDER floor 1 It is clear that what ever I do the floor 2 structure is concrete when it needs to be 2x8 or similar - I specified PINE BEAM, no, no need to expose the beams either
  7. I have similar problem, 1st floor SLAB CONCRETE, that is the default. But 2nd floor is PINE BEAMS, that cannot be the default, checking the default turns this to concrete, going in circles. Plan attached.HD FORUM.plan
  8. David, thank you, that's a powerful tool!
  9. Here is one I have not figured out how to do without redoing days worth of roof work, meaning that auto rebuild is OFF, not an option to auto rebuild roof. Into build, block construction essentially, constructor left off a row, so instead of 10' walls, they are 9' and the top tie-in structure is in place when it was discovered. I reduced all the walls and the roof structure stays up where it was at and fills that space with gray material. Anyone have an idea how to drop the roof onto these walls? There are numerous reasons to keep the model up to date, so we just leave that as off-topic.
  10. This should be simple to program, its like a two way street, if the data comes out of the HD software with a reference number, then with the material list live, click that should take you to the item. This applies to all materials really, floor, wall components, etc. So if you have an errant framing piece how do you find it and correct or delete?
  11. David same as yesterday HD pro 2018. The point is very clear - take the material list, click on a framing member - it should take you to the plan, it does not. Doesn't do anything.
  12. Is there a way of finding a specific material list item in the plan? Logic says that by clicking that item it would be referenced back into the plan, but it does not do that, and I can't find a way to do that especially for errant items are most important to find.
  13. David, thanks for the tutorial. A great way to show some of these steps. Clarifications - 1. that plan was a snippet of the larger plan too big to post, made by quickly deleting a bunch of stuff so not to worry those walls and roof section that looked like it was eaten you might say, that is not design intent. 2. The ceiling structure setting I recall setting to zero - why is irrelevant but related to that 8mm you were questioning, not sure why the defaults are not standard materials, in that those I never changed since the beginning. ... and most importantly --- once correctly set the ceiling structure immediately rebuilt without having to do it manually joist by joist. Now they may not be in the desired direction so your tutorial helped should I want to rotate them 90 degrees. 3. The 8mm is half of the required 15mm which is 1/2" drywall, that was throwing me off in that the floor finish was spec-ing perfectly, and would would use a 2x4 for a ceiling joist - could not figure that so I set them to zero, lesson learned... and to the why you asked about a couple of times... I wanted the joist structure to show in the "framing perspective" so that I am sure the roof builder knows what the intent is, a picture is worth 1000 words scribbled on a drawing. Thanks again - root cause understood, on to the next dilemma, cut list = buy list where I would expect the buy list to be standard lumber lengths.
  14. David, the detail is the same as what I put in the prior post Build>Ceiling Planes.... it says that "IT" the new one is on top of an existing ceiling plane----- so where is the existing plane? The file red roof has the ceiling joist showing other does not, the not one is can't figure out what is turned off - it is there read above... Build>Ceiling Planes.... it says that "IT" the new one is on top of an existing ceiling plane----- so where is the existing plane? red roof one room.plan HD_FORUM.plan
  15. moreover if I go to Build>Ceiling Planes.... it says that "IT" the new one is on top of an existing ceiling plane----- so where is the existing plane?