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  1. Thanks for the link following those directions has made it so much easier to lay out the property boundary. Another question is there a way to increase the font size of the line when the show length and angle boxes are checked?
  2. I'm trying to create a site plan/terrain using a plat plan data from a land surveyors drawing. My hardship is as I type in the length and bearing points the next line moves the previous line endpoint or vice versa and I can't seem to get my head wrapped around the manual line entry. Is there a way to lock the line into position? Attached is the Plat plan from the land surveyor img026.pdf
  3. so are you wanting exposed pine beam ceilings? I'm a little confused how you are calling your floor levels your concrete slab should be layer "zero" then the floor with the walls is layer "one" and so on.
  4. Thanks Guys That's good to know about how layer Display works with all the different views/cameras. After being bitten a few times I'm starting to under standing how the layers work.
  5. Here is the Layer Display Options
  6. Got it to display Thanks It was Layers "wall layer" and "wall normal" they were still checked or displayed on the problem plan so I unchecked display for just those layers and rechecked display then the plan walls updated to display the interior and exterior surface. I also noticed the the Layer Display Options Properties for Layout Set 3 what does that mean? t
  7. Hello, I need help resetting my how my walls are viewed in floor plan. I was working with the Layer display options and got confused what layers that had been turn off and on so I turned all layers off and then all on. after I did that the interior sheet rock and exterior plywood and siding were no longer showing and I don't know how to turn that layer or view option back on.
  8. Thank you, I knew it was something simple Is there a way to add custom layers?
  9. I'm trying to get back to the point in the first post. about hiding the foundation 931 Sycamore ave.plan
  10. Eric, yes I did and everything worked just like you said it would and I had the foundation not showing or showing depending on how the camera was positioned relation to the terrain skirt but as my learning curve continues I had to make some changes to the plan, elevation then the foundation started showing again. I even deleted the terrain and rebuilt a new one foundation still shows.
  11. I have 3 Elevation camera views setup outside the terrain but the foundation is still shown in all views. the terrain skirt is set to 120" and the plan is placed inside the terrain premiter. Thanks for any help
  12. Is there a way to correct the "Blurry" CAD lines in layout view or is it my graphics card and PC. Also the Blurry lines also do not print very crisp Here are a couple of screen shots from a Layout sheet one is the "Blurry view" at full zoom and another view not Blurry from the same sheet 931 Sycamore ave.layout
  13. Hi Forum Users My current HD Pro project is sending Elevation views to Layout and the thought that has come to mind is how to show the Right ,Left,Front,Back Elevation with the foundation and footing shown or not shown the not shown part is easy just turn off the layers but, I still want to see solid foundation lines above grade and dashed (hidden)lines below the grade when the foundation is to be shown. Then when the foundation is not to be shown I just want to see everything above grade line.
  14. DIYAdam

    Box out Chimney

    Alright success... what I did was go in to the "living" room definition uncheck ceiling over this room and the rebuild was successful however there needs to be some siding above the shingles the software is still treating the wall as a interior wall type... probably because I created the wall that way now just need to have some help changing the area above the roof.
  15. DIYAdam

    Box out Chimney

    Ok.. I have move back the roof planes to where they do not interfere with the walls below but no visible wall. When I select the area where there is no wall the selection preview shows the wall at full height of the other walls so there I must have some thing still conflicting. and for a off subject question whats the best way to upload screen shots I have been using the snipping tool saving them then drag to the forum upload tool?