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  1. I am wondering if Home Designer Pro can build an arched roof? Like the roof above the front door. In the photo attached. IF so how? Thanks,
  2. Great, thank You. I don't normally use the material list.
  3. wondering if I can calculate the sq ft of a roof using Home Designer Pro?
  4. I screwed up somewhere. Normally when I select a window, door or wall. I get dimensions locating the side of the openings to the end of the wall. But now I get nothing. I am sure I must have clicked on something. But dang if I can figure out what. Can anyone help me?
  5. I am running Pro 2016. Is there an easier way to show an exposed beam truss in the gable of a covered porch rather then using the Soffit command?Back.pdf
  6. ChrisF

    Bonus room video

    I thought i seen a training video that briefly touches on how to build a bonus room. But now I cannot seem to find it. Can anyone help me find it? I have read the knowledge base - creating a room above a garage. Just a little confused still. (i do much better with the videos then tutorials.) Thanks, Chris
  7. Ya, I have tried that. But at the gable end there is no gable wall. So I can see into the attic from the outside view.
  8. How do I build a scissor truss (vaulted ceiling) over a patio/deck. I can remove the ceiling in the room options. But then the vault is parallel to the roof. I am wanting a scissor truss (vault 1/2 the roof pitch) Thanks
  9. Anyone know how I can change the overhang options so that the bottom is flat not slopped with the roof? See my attachment. Typically mine comes in looking like the standard. But I would like to adjust it to look like option 1 or 2. Thanks, OVERHANG OPTIONS.pdf
  10. Yes, AutoCAD does. I can change the color by the layer it is on or line by line. My issue is that when I export it ALL the lines are all the same layer. So my only option it to window the whole drawing or select line by line. By brick or rock lines are coming out in a gray scale so they are not as bold. Which is great except that with this issue. I have to window select the whole drawing. To get rid of the red tint. ISO-2.pdf
  11. To get a ISO view into AutoCAD. I am still figuring out the 2D output for plans. The typical drawings are to cluttered for me. Until I can get the floor plans to look like I want I have been EXPORTING the elevations and Iso views to AutoCAD.
  12. When I export a view of my model the 2D lines are coming out with a red tint to them. I has just been the last couple weeks. I add BlueBeam PDF program about the same time. Not sure if that is causing the issue or not. Does anyone know if there is setting I can adjust to get it to export to black lines or at least on a gray scale? This is how i export a view: FILE / EXPORT / EXPORT CURRENT VIEW (DXF)
  13. ChrisF


    Jo_Ann, Why? What is the point of that post? For your information the very large 3D modeling program I use for my day job. Does not allow me to cross two members like that. SO my mind defaulted to that fact and I would need to built them as separate sides. (Sense 3 pieces is how the cross would be built in real life) This was my first attempt at using soffits. I am trying to learn Home Designer on my own. With help for this forum as I need it. Sorry, I am not fully up to date on all of its abilities. Thank you for your earlier post it helped me in understanding how you were able to build it.
  14. ChrisF


    Thanks, Solver. I will try that.