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  1. Hammer7

    Floor framing

    GOT THE JOIST BLOCKING! Thank you, now I'm working on a diagonal label for the joists with arrows. The sype that state the joist size...
  2. Hammer7

    Floor framing

    Thank you, do you do any tutoring?
  3. Hammer7

    Floor framing

    I found the rim joist and the blocking but the blocking is still not appearing and the layer seems to be in place unless i'm reading the wrong label? Can you show insulation between the joists in HD?
  4. Hammer7

    Floor framing

    Good morning, I'm working on creating a nice, clean, first floor framing plan with labels that I can send to layout. My settings automatically created doubled up framing members in the floor system making the drawing somewhat muddy. I'm still searching for why this happened and the best way to truncate this drawing which is an addition where the red circle is located. Any critique and feedback is appreciated. Guerinni proposed Rev 11.27 frame sample.pdf
  5. Hammer7

    Room definition

    I found part of my room definition problem and some of it is wall alignment problems after adjusting the footprint. I'm working on that now. Some of the alignment issues are actually harder to see when you scroll in close to it.
  6. Hammer7

    Room definition

    So, I inadvertently posted this to the Chief Forum and am now reposting in HD Talk. I have walls surrounding my room but when I click on the room it is undefined. I'm searching in the usual areas and hope to discover why this is happening but if anyone knows and would share I would appreciate knowing why my room is not defined? Thank you, J HAWLEY_DormerRepair_12.4 dormer spacing, room definition.pdf
  7. Hammer7

    Floor framing plan

    What is the way to create a framing plan view of this floor frame and then show it with an overlap in the center with a beam in the basement?
  8. Hammer7


    I don't usually work with trusses so this is new to me. Is there a way to change the conventional framing illustrated here to a truss with a cathedral ceiling?
  9. Hello All, I'm trying to close the end of this shed roof, I'm not finding the location for adjustment.
  10. This is precisely what I am trying to do, thank you! I figured out part of this with your help, thank you. Now I hope to create a legend and get some more experience with hatching the walls.
  11. How do you show a wall as new or to be removed in Home Designer plan in plan view. Or what topic might this be listed under? For instance defining walls to be removed in demolition?
  12. Oh, excellent, me too but I'm really rusty...and I'm being tasked to operate on another level now.
  13. Thank you, I'll go and check that, I can't even get it to revert back to the original, are you a pro? I am and am returning to HD after a three year hiatus.
  14. Thank you David. I have a couple questions and I will go back to my drawing and try to work with some of your suggestions. One of the struggles is that in the "Materials" from the menu the Deck planks are have been changed to "taupe" but are still appearing as "honey" in the rendering....I'm trying to trouble shoot why as part of finishing these deck and porch details.
  15. Hello all, So one of the things that seems to be working well for me is to post a photo while researching a solution and sometimes I find the solution on my own and sometimes someone makes a suggestion that leads to a solution. All of the usual things that I have tried to use to change this little deck platform to change the color are not working, and my vertical siding that I applied to the underside is horizontal...hehehe, how did that happen....ah the mystery of home designer...I wish someone provided candy when you figure out how to use some feature.