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  1. netjcp

    Import Object Type

    Hello All, We worked with a pool designer and purchased / had our pool installed. He planned out the shape and size, etc on his laptop (not sure what program he used). I'd like to get a copy of the pool shape (it's custom) from him, what format would I ask him to save and send to me so I can import it into home designer. Thanks in advance. JP
  2. netjcp

    1st floor Roof / Overhang

    Oh.. and its designer pro 2016
  3. netjcp

    1st floor Roof / Overhang

    Thanks Eric and David.. Im using Home Designer Pro.. Im looking now.. and will also try to see if I can make something to upload.. In short.. its on the front of a two story house (1st and 2nd floor exteririor walls are on top of one another and the first floor has an over hang/roof.. but I will try to upload something.. thanks again..
  4. netjcp

    1st floor Roof / Overhang

    Hi All !!! Happy new year... I am trying to create an exterior overhang on the 1st floor of a 2 story home. I believe the contractor is calling it a rabbit run... It is not a full roof.. it is an over hang like one would have for an exterior porch. I am having difficulties finding out where to find videos or pointers.... Can anyone steer me in the right direction ? Many thanks
  5. netjcp

    Material List Question

    Is there a way to get the drywall count for a room ?
  6. netjcp

    Material List Question

    Hi All, Just starting w/Home Designer Pro 2016. Have a plan pretty much created several rooms and such, however. when I perform the calculate materials for this room, the drywall count seems to be off. For example. I have a bathroom created 8*8.. only 1 wall is an exterior wall and ceilings are 8' tall.. no other options.. but when I select the room, right click and perform calculate materials for this room.. it is only showing me 2 count for 4'*8'*5/8 sheetrock ? Any suggestions... Thought is 4 walls approximately 8' wide.. 8'tall should be at least a count of 8 boards of sheetrock ?