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    Hello All, We worked with a pool designer and purchased / had our pool installed. He planned out the shape and size, etc on his laptop (not sure what program he used). I'd like to get a copy of the pool shape (it's custom) from him, what format would I ask him to save and send to me so I can import it into home designer. Thanks in advance. JP
  2. Oh.. and its designer pro 2016
  3. Thanks Eric and David.. Im using Home Designer Pro.. Im looking now.. and will also try to see if I can make something to upload.. In short.. its on the front of a two story house (1st and 2nd floor exteririor walls are on top of one another and the first floor has an over hang/roof.. but I will try to upload something.. thanks again..
  4. Hi All !!! Happy new year... I am trying to create an exterior overhang on the 1st floor of a 2 story home. I believe the contractor is calling it a rabbit run... It is not a full roof.. it is an over hang like one would have for an exterior porch. I am having difficulties finding out where to find videos or pointers.... Can anyone steer me in the right direction ? Many thanks
  5. Is there a way to get the drywall count for a room ?
  6. Hi All, Just starting w/Home Designer Pro 2016. Have a plan pretty much created several rooms and such, however. when I perform the calculate materials for this room, the drywall count seems to be off. For example. I have a bathroom created 8*8.. only 1 wall is an exterior wall and ceilings are 8' tall.. no other options.. but when I select the room, right click and perform calculate materials for this room.. it is only showing me 2 count for 4'*8'*5/8 sheetrock ? Any suggestions... Thought is 4 walls approximately 8' wide.. 8'tall should be at least a count of 8 boards of sheetrock ?