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  1. thank you i dont think i would have figured out the wrought iron stair case on my own without your help
  2. how can the arcways manufacturer lib be used to create comparable to this?
  3. now use Realtek HD Audio instead and no crashing
  4. AniaBogustawa

    Blueprints This was helpful to me.
  5. support was able to help problem was some program called nahimic Hello Ania, Thank you for submitting the software's Message Log and System Information files. From examining this information, it looks like the most likely cause of the crashes you are seeing is an application called Nahimic. As a test, can you follow the instructions below and let us know whether or not the crashes still occur after uninstalling this program? In Windows 10, click on the Start menu. Select Settings> System> Apps & features. Click on the " Nahimic for MSI " program from the list. Then select Uninstall. no more crashes now
  6. randomly my suite 2017 program seems to crash i searched prior threads and found resolutions for it on macs but nothing on windows 10 any help? i do have a case with support already