Having trouble with roof on a simple remodel...


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I'm new to this program and there's probably an easy answer to my issue but I'm having a heck of a time with getting the roof right... 


There's a large covered front porch that we'd like to enclose into an exercise room and expand the master closet and we'd like to enclose a portion of an existing covered patio to enlarge the kitchen.  We can do both of these changes using the existing roof so the roof line for these two areas are seen in the attached photo that shows the roof I need to duplicate.  


We'd also like to expand the rear patio that currently exists off the master bedroom (seen in the photo) all the way to the opposite corner of the house along the back.  I'm trying to duplicate what's there now in order to demonstrate the new enclosed areas, as well as the proposed extend covered patio, to the HOA and the city for the necessary design approvals and there's an upcoming meeting where I can present the proposed changes.  


Attached are the new floor plan and the current Google satellite image to see the existing roof-line.  Any help is greatly appreciated!  





Smoketree plan-CURRENT-5-30-NEW MSTR BATH.plan

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Please take a minute and fill out your signature -- see below. Knowing what software you are using is often key to providing a suggestion.


What problems are you having?




It helps if we know what title (Suite, Pro etc) and version (2014, 2015 etc) you are using. You can add this info to your signature by clicking on your user name at the top right of the page, click My Settings, then Signature on the left. 



Resources for self help:


The built in Help System (always a good place to start)




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Can you upload pics from different angles?  You can't tell what the roof is suppose to be like.


Some of the rooms ceiling heights are 142 1/2"  and 108"  is that correct?


The building pitch is 4" is that correct?


Lastly Can you be more specific as to what you want. ie expanding the Master Closet.

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Sorry for the lack of detail!   I'm new at this and I really appreciate your help!
Here's a summary of the project: 
The current kitchen is very small so we're planning to expand it by enclosing a section of the current  patio adjacent to the kitchen - the roof will not change and the ceiling of the kitchen will follow the existing pitch (the ceiling is currently dropped down). Both can be seen in the attached photos. 
We are planning to add an exercise room and expand the master walk-in closet by enclosing the majority of the front porch.  The roof will stay the same in these areas.  
We also plan to enclose a 10' x 10' area of the front porch to make a den/media room - this area will also be under the existing roof.   
There's a covered patio off the master bedroom at the back of the house that we plan to extend all the way across the back of the house.  The roof will match the the existing master patio for this new extended patio.  
The ceiling is vaulted in all areas except the garage, storage, laundry, bath 2 and bedrooms 2 & 3.  There's a beam at the peak of the ceiling and running the length of the house that's 14' high and it's 10' at the lowest point. The pitched roof is 40' across so if my math is right it's 2.4" per 12".  
As far as the settings go, I've been trying different things to fix the roof so the current settings in the file are not correct.  Attached are additional photos of the areas mentioned above and a floor plan image with the enclosed areas highlighted.  Thank you for your help!









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Eric- this worked! It's actually perfect.  I'm glad to hear it's next to impossible to create in the version I'm using cuz I was racking my brain trying to sort it out...  I'm new at this program but it was frustrating...


Now I can do a conceptual design review with the HOA prior to hiring an architect to draw something that might not be approved.  I truly appreciate your help!!!  Thank you, thank you!  





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