Lower lean-to roof on gable wall


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A little bit of trickery required.

Divide the bump-out room with a wall (as shown), and use the settings shown.
Move the high shed wall in or out until everything builds correct.

Keep checking your structure settings dialog to make sure the program doesn't auto check the box for 'roof over this room'.

It can be finicky.

Move up to the attic level, and drag each existing gable attic wall over to connect with the main wall of the house.
This fills the hole left in the exterior gable wall by the 'no roof' room.


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Thank you Jo_Ann! the roof finally builds correctly with your suggestion. 

Although I still have a problem: The gable wall does not show the correct siding. 

I had the same problem on the sunroom but was able to correct it (somewhat) by moving the interior invisible wall).


I tried to move the interior wall in attic and floor for the lean-to roof and set the roof overhang to 0" for all walls of this room (the overhang seems to be 18" based on the global roof setting, no matter what you enter as the individual wall overhang value).


Any other suggestions?



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There are quite a few situations with the automatic roof generator that you can use "trickery" to get what you want, then just turn off Auto Rebuild for the roof and make further adjustments.  Call it trickery, or workarounds, or what have you, but it's nice that there's ways to do complex roofs without having to upgrade to get Roof Groups and the other manual capabilities offered in Pro.  I was able to get by for many years using the less advanced versions using those techniques.

(I was going to say that Jo_Ann's steps worked without the results shown in your last screenshot, but I see now that she's already written back to reread them.  :) )

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