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My garage is on the main floor and the walls along with details show up on the main floor in plan view, but the foundation details, along with 3D cars I placed show up on the lower/basement level. This confused my contractor when reviewing the plans, so I was wondering if there is a remedy for this?


If there is no easy fix, can anyone offer up a reason as to what may have caused this so I can prevent on future designs.


See attached .tiff files

Basement Level.tiff

Main Floor Plan.tiff

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The remedy is to place symbols where you intend them to be, placing things underground would confuse anyone understandably so. That is something you did and so the remedy is to refrain from doing weird, unexpected things. The software is a mechanical device that follows your orders only, so just make sure you orders make sense as you make them.



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Experiencing same issue with "grass in the garage" however for different reason it appears. Saw that the foundation was out of alignment and attempted to repair but it only exacerbated the issue.


1. Is it possible to adjust foundation and have it simultaneously update the floor plan? 


2. And is this the reason why I cannot change my roof pitch to better accommodate a bonus room upstairs? 


Please advise.



 Home Designer Suite 2016

17.3.1. 1x64
Windows VISTA 64-bit
Service Pack 2
Driver: NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS


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