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  1. Hi, Is it possible to upload a photo into material library and use that photo in a "picture frame" to create CUSTOM ARTWORK ? Searched online and in Help section, followed instructions but image ends up taking over whole plan and is not placed within art frame. Can you please help? Thank you. Home Designer Architectural 2016 Windows 7
  2. Experiencing same issue with "grass in the garage" however for different reason it appears. Saw that the foundation was out of alignment and attempted to repair but it only exacerbated the issue. 1. Is it possible to adjust foundation and have it simultaneously update the floor plan? 2. And is this the reason why I cannot change my roof pitch to better accommodate a bonus room upstairs? Please advise. Home Designer Suite 2016 17.3.1. 1x64 Windows VISTA 64-bit Service Pack 2 Driver: NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS NDFP4_11-15-15a-UPbonus.plan
  3. Thank you Eric. Yes I see you have to drag on it. Clicking does not activate it.
  4. Unfortunately the software reload did not work. Also using the latest version. This is bizarre as the camera was functioning properly previously. Please let me know if you have any additional insight to share.
  5. Eric, When I click the camera anywhere - whether outside or inside home - it does not activate at all. It used to open up new window that allowed me to view inside of home from a floor level. Just stopped working for some reason ...
  6. Now I can click on rooms again. TY Eric ! Still cannot get Floor Camera to work however. Have you experienced anything like this before?
  7. Thanks DJP. Please let me know if this works ( attaching .PLAN file ) NDFP4_11-15-15a-UP.plan
  8. solver , thanks for reply. here it is. still the same issue today.
  9. For some reason, both the Floor Camera and the ability to "select" a room - stopped working this evening (both worked earlier today). Not sure if it is something regarding the product or ...? Tried closing / opening again but no luck. Also looked in the Help Section. Any tips / feedback appreciated. (Software version below) Thanks __________________________________ Home Designer Suite 2016 17.3.1. 1x64 Windows VISTA 64-bit Service Pack 2 Driver: NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS
  10. Got it working. Thank you solver, LawB10 and Jo-Ann!
  11. Tried the Dormer tool but got this " Serious Error " message when I tried to eliminate " dormer walls " in order to create basic Rain Diverter over door. Home Designer Suite 2016 17.3.1. 1x64
  12. woops - sorry Recently Purchased : Home Designer Suite 2016 17.3.1. 1x64
  13. Hi All Looking to create A-shape Rain Diverter over front door ( see attached RainDiverterOverDoor.jpg ) . Cannot find this function and tried the " gable " build - without success. Can you please point me in right direction ? Also attaching rendering of the home featuring a Simple Gable Roof. Thank you
  14. Eric and LawB10, thanks again - that worked still working on back patio "floor" area but here is result have great weekend
  15. Eric, Thanks. Yes I did try the invisible walls before but no luck. Sounds like I also need to create "pseudo" rooms for patio and front of garage ? Will work on this next and will update. Appreciate the reply
  16. Greetings , Been working hard to figure out how to make the attached floor plan ( floorplan.jpg ) include a " simple uniform A-line Gable roof " with just 4 corners and no layers. Whether I use auto function or manual, I still get these ridges and no roof coverage in back patio or in front of garage. Also tried using the "invisible walls " trick. Can you please provide tip(s) to accomplish a basic roofline that extends over front of garage and over back patio ? Do you need the link to my plan? Thank you Home Designer Suite 2016 17.3.1. 1x64