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  1. Has anyone used Home Designer Pro to detail cabinet construction? I plan to build my own kitchen cabinets. There are a few reasonably priced design software programs available for creating detailed designs of cabinets, but I would like to avoid this if I can use Home Designer Pro. Wondering if the CAD option can be used to create 2D plan details, showing dimensions for each part of the cabinet construction. I realize that this is not the primary function of the program, but thought I would ask just in case. Thanks!
  2. Has anyone used both 2016 and 2017? Wondering if there have been improvements to the newer version that would warrant the $99 upgrade from Home Designer Pro 2016 to the same in 2017.
  3. dbneil4056

    Deck Railing

    I got a request to show what I did, so attached is a screen shot. Hope this helps Deck Rail Settings.tiff
  4. dbneil4056

    Deck Railing

    I figured it out. Had to do some digging into the manual. Need to select panels for it to work. Thanks for your effort :-)
  5. dbneil4056

    Deck Railing

    I'm trying to convert a standard deck railing to a cable type. I see that it is in the library, but when I change the balusters to cable the cabling is 90 degrees to the rail. I had this figured out a few months back, but can't seem to make it work this time around. Can anyone advise? BTW - I have DP2016.
  6. Thanks - should have caught that one
  7. I'm pretty sure this was caused by one of my many SKP file imports. I'm not sure it really effects my plan other than providing this annoying reminder every time I open a 3D view. If anyone can provide the root cause of this and a fix, that would be great. May help me when working on any future designs with the program. Graphic File Error.tiff
  8. dbneil4056

    iPad Viewer

    I have been creating a layout page then printing/saving as a PDF and then storing the file in a PDF reader APP for the iPad.
  9. With all the features that HD Pro offers, I'm surprised that the program can't calculate the amount of sheet rock required for a given area. Anyway, I did use the manual approach with help from an APP on my iPad that I thought might be helpful. It's called Home Builder Pro Calcs. It offers three options for calculating the amount of dry wall sheets and even tells you the required fasteners, joint compound and tape required. The APP has other cost and materials calcs that have come in handy for my budgeting purposes. I recall it costing just a few bucks and well worth the investment. Hope this helps.
  10. I've been away for a while, so the reason for my delay in replying. I'm using HD Pro 2016 and the command I used was to create a materials list. I did have a monolithic slab chosen for the garage. I unchecked that box and this step eliminated the error. However, when I run the materials list, there is nothing showing for masonry. I do see the foundation walls under general, but that's it. I have attached a copy of my plan in the event it may help locate the problem and suggest a solution. Smith Lake Home Plan copy.plan.zip
  11. dbneil4056

    Material List

    When I create a material list, I get the error attached. I also noticed that if I ignore the error message, there aren't any items listed under the masonry category. Does anyone have an idea as to what might cause this? Thanks! Material List Error.tiff
  12. Since my plan is attached to this blog stream, I thought that I would post a new issue that I found. Not sure how it happen, but I was making some modifications to the walls and did on one recent revision raise the garage floor. Perhaps someone can advise a easy fix for what is shown, since you can access the garage structure. Thanks also for both suggestions to the wall problem. I'll try the pony wall solution first since it requires less steps and I have Pro2016. Garage Wall Shift.tiff
  13. Thanks to all - fixed by moving the cars. I guess the garage floor shows up on the lower level, since it's considered a foundation?
  14. Sure - see compressed file 116 Brown Lane - Neil Home T.plan.zip
  15. If you look at the attached .tiff file, you will note that my interior wall is extending through the ceiling & roof, showing on the exterior wall where there should be siding. Can anyone suggest how I can resolve this so the exterior wall matches the adjacent? Siding Issue.tiff