Using exterior dimensions to move walls


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This should be a newbie question and seems pretty basic to me but I have not found anything in the tutorials/manuals yet that seems to address the issue I am having.


I have a known design (my house) that I thought I would use as a training tool.  So I have fixed dimensions that represent the exterior of the plan.  I am able to create the general shape of the exterior walls but I am having difficulty editing them to their precise dimensions.


1] for example I have tried selecting the object and switching the Lock (Start, Center, End) feature however the behavior has not changed (see picture the start moves regardless)

2] I have read and followed the training pdf that explains walking around the dimensions in a clockwise fashion and I get to a point and either (it adjusts a previously set dimension on the opposite wall or it breaks the continuity of the walls completely)

3] I have read in the help files where I should be seeing in the "inline text field" icons for how the change is to be applied (see picture again) but as you can see my "inline text field" does not display those icons.  So I have been looking at preferences and default settings to see if there is a toggle somewhere to display them but have not found anything.


As always your help is greatly appreciate!





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Eric, I would but I am evaluating the software to decide if I want to purchase it to use to design my new house.  So I cannot save the plan as a limitation of the free trial.


Thanks Dave, watched you video, nice tutorial about dimensioning but does not address the topic of re-sizing a floor plan using the dimension and the impact to other dimensions.


Thanks again everyone.

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Start and End are a Preferences Setting ,perhaps under CAD?  Under Edit,  but Edit Object Parts should not generally be left on that is why there is a toggle button and they add an icon to your cursor to remind you to turn it Off. The "show wall length as drawing " setting is really helpful too.


The Walls in HD will always try to stay connected, and if within about 6" will try to auto-connect to each other , but you can set your snap settings something that works well for exterior walls eg 12" , which will help ,and then open the wall after it is drawn an alter the length if needed before drawing  the next one , because as you have seen it can be frustrating, trying to do it afterwards.


You can of course also break a few walls , by shortening them by a foot or more which stops the auto join and auto drag of walls to get an existing design to behave.



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