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Hi all! I’ve been using chief architect software for many years for different DIY remodel projects. I was enticed to upgrade my suite 2020 to the 2023 version by their cover picture ( see attached) that features a Spanish style house. I just bought a Spanish home and am currently working on the exterior design. I thought that this new version would have these features - the iron grates, the round downspouts, the tile border, the iron balcony railing, etc available in a catalog… if not in the stock catalog at least one that can be purchased. I’m not able to find these anywhere! Am I missing something? 


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Thanks Scott! The Italian house isn’t the same … The stucco walls and tile I’m already familiar with and I did eventually find the balcony ( it was a bonus download) . Do you know where no can find the window grates/grilles? I’m particularly interested in those! See attached 



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Some items you just have to create for yourself.


In my example, I used 'grab bars', sized correctly and placed on the window.

When all the bars have been placed, select/group them, and block the group.


The grab bars are available in the bonus catalog download, Accessible Design.



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You said, "The Architectural upgrade is not much different than what I already have...Suite 2023".

You are mistaken. There is a lot of difference between Architectural and Suite.

On the Home Designer website, look at the comparison chart  for Suite versus Architectural.

Architectural has many more important features that are not available with Suite.

To name a few:
 Sloped soffits, custom countertop, custom backsplash, Architectural Blocks, pony walls, vector view.

These features are useful in many other ways, other than what  their names imply.



The scalloped trim was done using a custom backsplash.


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