Is it possible to implement a plan with multiple roof materials


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I'm using Home Designer Architectural 2023, and I'm working on a house plan that features multiple roof types (gable and flat).  Accurate structural details are not required as this is only for visual representation.  Using a combination of information from the forums, knowledge base and sample plans, I've come real close to getting a good representation.   


The gable roofs are to be metal standing-seam and the flat roof sections are to be membrane.   As far as I can tell, the software only supports having one type of roof material per plan.  If I change any roof section material, they all change.   Is there a way to override this?


I considered using soffits to represent the flat roof portions, but they would interfere with the dollhouse view (soffits are used extensively through the floorplan, so I'd like them to be otherwise present).


I can provide a cloud-link to the plan if it'd help.




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6 minutes ago, DaveRegis said:

Is there a way to override this?




For your flat roofs, look for Shapes, then Closed in the library. They are on the Geometric Shapes layer (or something like that). 

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LOL ... awesome help, so many ways to skin the cat, as they say.


I ended up using Solver's initial idea, and I'm quite happy with the results.  It was fairly simple to implement, though I can see where it could be a pain if there were structural outline or wall changes.   I didn't see a way to have ceilings but no roofs, so I had to use two objects sandwiched together to represent the ceiling and roof.


I like all the automatic features, but sometimes they're too automatic.


I spent 3-4 hours figuring out how to get the different roof elements work (somewhat) and then another hour or so re-implementing using geometric shapes.   Starting fresh with all this knowledge, I'm sure I could've done it all in less than an hour.


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