Is there a way to rotate a DWG/DXF?


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Hello - a while back, I asked this question but at the time, I wasn't that familiar with the program and wasn't at a point where the information was needed, and back then, I still couldn't figure it out.

When I first started using Home Designer (I now have Pro 2020), I just started right in after watching a few videos. I started with the foundation, walls, rooms, etc. I didn't start off defining the property lines. 

Later, I created the terrain and using the civil engineering drawing information, I entered in the GPS information and the property dimensions showed up...all looks good. But when I import the DWG file (or the DXF), the property shows up, but it's not where the property outline is in Home Designer. 

If you look at the first enclosed photo, the property outline in BLUE is the drawing I have in Home Designer, and RED is what the DWG imported. For emphasis, I outlined the property lines in RED. 

I don't understand why there isn't an option to change the origin of the imported DWG or the ability to rotate it in the "import DWG" utility. 

I also tried to "lock" every parameter in the layers menu, and then select "edit area" and rotated that, but the house also rotates along with everything else...don't want that. 

Anyone know of a way I can line the property in RED to the same orientation I have in Home Designer in BLUE?

DWG orientation.jpg

import DWG.jpg

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Ideally you first turn off all layers that you wish to stay put, then you import the .dwg/.dxf 2D drawing. When it comes in, it should have a "Rotate Handle" and "Move Handle" for repositioning. I often turn on the "Reference Display" so can see to a degree the layers I have turned off.



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