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I'm trying to add terrain to my house design. The house is on a slope.

I want the ground surface to be 4 feet up the wall of the first floor (no basement) on the uphill side.

But it seems that no matter what values I enter for elevation lines, the footing of the uphill wall of my house remains even with the terrain surface.

What setting am I missing?

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Thanks much for your helpful response. I expected that it would be something simple.

The "Subfloor height above terrain" is clearly the property that I had neglected.

It was "checked" as automatic.

I was trying to change the values of elevation lines, assuming that the height of the terrain was defaulted to the zero elevation of the house.

But each time I adjusted the height of elevation lines, the terrain auto-compensated to offset my effort.

It was rather frustrating.

It's great to understand that I can adjust the relative heights with a single number, rather than messing around with multiple terrain settings.


My software version is included in my signature. (Per instructions from "solver" in response an earlier question.)

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David. My problem is related but different. In the attached two screen shots you can see the front of my home. To the left are two walls with the terrain at the right height relative to the building floor. The greyed-out area is a driveway which slopes down - the drop is about 1 metre from the house to the gate. I have defined this area as an "elevation region" and then tried to use "elevation lines"  with negative elevations to plot the fall in this area. But when I build the terrain everything (not just this region) changes and I get a real mess. Where am I going wrong?

Sloping Driveway.jpg

Sloping Driveway 2.jpg

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