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  1. NorseMN's post in Terrain elevation relative to house was marked as the answer   
    Thanks much for your helpful response. I expected that it would be something simple.
    The "Subfloor height above terrain" is clearly the property that I had neglected.
    It was "checked" as automatic.
    I was trying to change the values of elevation lines, assuming that the height of the terrain was defaulted to the zero elevation of the house.
    But each time I adjusted the height of elevation lines, the terrain auto-compensated to offset my effort.
    It was rather frustrating.
    It's great to understand that I can adjust the relative heights with a single number, rather than messing around with multiple terrain settings.
    My software version is included in my signature. (Per instructions from "solver" in response an earlier question.)
  2. NorseMN's post in Railing posts too elaborate was marked as the answer   
    I think I have things somewhat sorted out.
    Yes, I did start by choosing a template other than the Default Style. That's presumably how I got the fancy rail posts.
    I did finally find a Baluster Type parameter, which can be set to Square, round or library. But setting it to square made no difference in the 3D view.
    I also had the issue that I was looking at a railing that was generated as part of a landing, so it's properties are controlled by the stair settings.
    So most of its properties are greyed out.
    And, I found a Baluster Type parameter in the stair properties, but changing it to square also made no difference.
    It appears to me that template properties override at least some local settings.
    I had already found from my old 2011 software, that the template also overrides default settings.
    I had many instances of an item that I wanted to change, and I had to edit each material, one, by one, for each of them, because changing defaults didn't help.
    And yes, where possible, I selected use defaults, for each item.
    For future reference, if there's an easier way, I'd love to know it.
    I guess my railing issues are resolved. Thank you for your suggestions
    I'd still like a resolution of the "3D cursor" issue.
    If I select the "pointer cursor" in a 3D view, I can find no way to get the "3D cursor" back, other than to close the view and reopen it.
    There must be a toolbar icon to select the "3D cursor", but I can't see it, or don't recognize it.