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    Upper corner cabinet with diagonal face

    Never mind. I fpound it. It's an unlabeled parameter. Thanks again for your help. Reid
  2. NorseMN

    Upper corner cabinet with diagonal face

    Aahhh! Thank you very much. I've looked for that off and on for years. But after checking the diagonal door option, I got a front door that's a convex hemisphere. I recall mention of a parameter that's set +/- for concave/convex, but now I can't find that in the cabinet dialog. Can you provide one more helpful suggestion? Thanks, Reid
  3. I have Home Designed Pro 10. I can't find any upper kitchen cabinets that have a diagonal door. I've tried to convert existing styles, but the software refuses to cooperate. The only style of upper corner cabinet avaialble has a square notch on its face, rather than a diagonal face. Is there any hope for me? Thanks Reid