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    Very thick walls

    Hi. I've just bought an old house and the walls are 0.97 metres thick. The doors on the outside face of the wall open inward against the wall. I don't seem to be able to model this. If I change the swing angle to -90 degrees, it moves it to the inside wall face which means it swings into the next room - which in reality it does not. Has anyone also had this problem and does anyone have a solution. Many thanks
  2. Thanks for that. In the end I created a landing and joined easy part of the stairs to it as separate stairs, and that allowed me to do what I wanted. But appreciate the reply
  3. Many thanks - that's great. David I know it's a different topic but your help would be great. I have an L shaped set of stairs. The bottom part up to the landing is solid underneath but the second part is open. No matter what I try ( I select each section seperately for instance) either both are open or both are solid. Is there another trick I'm missing? Thanks. Mike
  4. I have drawn some stairs from the ground floor to the first floor. The railing on the stairs appears in the 1st floor 3d image but there is no cut-out for the stairs. I have tried drawing them from the ground floor to the first floor up and from the 1st floor to the ground floor down but it doesn't matter. What am I doing wrong?
  5. Eric. Amazing Thanks very much indeed. Really appreciate it. Mike
  6. Here is a picture I hope it will explain. As well as the grey wall on the external landing (in my drawing) you can see the stairs themselves (on the picture) actually have a wall - not unlike a normal set of stairs - except this is solid.
  7. Eric Thanks for the advice. Appreciate it. I think I've been through most of the self help I attach a picture
  8. I am modelling a renovation project on a two story building. The second floor is independent of the first and has a concrete staircase from the ground up to the second floor. The staircase has a wall which I am trying to model from the ground floor along the steps up to the second floor. Does anyone know how to do that? Is it possible in Home Designer Pro. For instance what happens if you have a wall along sloping terrain. Anyway - any help would be great