Importing DWG & DXF cad info - Need help


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Please bear with me, as I'll be the first to admit I'm no pro at this. I have never designed a house or used a program like this. 

I need some help not with importing the either the DWG or DXF files, but in aligning it up to the property terrain/outline I created when I started to design my house. 

Here's the story....what I did was create the property outline and started in on designing my house which I have been working on and off for past year. It wasn't until recently that I obtained the DWG and DXF files from a surveyor that did the property several years ago. When I import either the DWG or DXF files, my property and house are not where they should be in relation to the imported CAD files (which in indicate in the first photo). I don't understand why they aren't lining up as I obtained the data to draw the perimeter of the terrain from a surveyor's map , and also I'm not seeing any elevation contours (see last photo).

I managed to move the imported DWG information in relation to my drawing which can be done when it's first imported...but what a pain. I spent at lease 45-minutes trying to get the property lines matched up...and then when you click anywhere in the drawing, I can no longer move just the imported DWG layout. 

Here are my questions...

What is the difference in DWG and DXF files? (I have enclosed both). Can the data be view in a text format?
Is there a way to easily align the DWG information to my drawing?
Why isn't my elevation data showing up?
I noticed that my terrain and house are "floating" in the last this normal? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



DWG imported file.JPG

DWG imported file2.JPG

DWG imported file3.JPG



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What I would do is to import the .dwg file away from my existing structure and its objects. Make the .dwg into a CAD block, then scale it to what already exists in the plan file. then orient that imported .dwg cad block TO the existing house structure to then trace over using my terrain plane as the property lines and trace over the Elevation grade lines using HD Pro's 3D tools to then obtain a usable 3D terrain plane. All AutoCAD files are by default 2D and I mainly use them as a relational guide for the 3D tools within HD Pro.



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Dave...ya kind of talking Greek or should I say Geek to me. :)

I no nothing about CAD, Block, or the like. I'm learning as I go. 

I believe I have the house plans and terrain (perimeter) very close to where I'd like it, but now that I can see the elevation, I have the house too far up the hill. I need to move it closer to the large garage. But it seems to me, once the data is imported, when I move the house, everything is going to move...including the elevation data, which I can't see anyway. 
Is there a way to tell if the elevation data is in the imported files? Are they in some text format?  

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I have Home Designer Pro 2020...and some of the features shown in the first video, I don't have. 

I did "play" with importing the DWG file and selected a few variables that I thought might contain elevation data...and these windows popped-up. 
Also, the only selection is "Elevation".




CAD BLOCK cannot be created.JPG

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