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We have a fairly complex (single story) roof - HDP has always done a pretty reasonable job of estimating the roof planes, but I'm being a bit fussy now and trying to get it to match the roof of our house. This is the first time I've really got into the manual roof stuff, so it's a learning curve and I've watched several tutorial videos and podcast sessions which make it look quite easy but I've spent hours struggling with it and it just doesn't want to play nice for me in 2 areas of the plan. So I'll probably follow this first question up with a second one, but I'll keep trying with that for now,,,


For the first part, I have a porch which I want to be only partially covered by a roof. Here is a picture of it in reality. It's hard to see from the photo, but the porch projects about 1750 from the door, but the roof only about 1600 (to the fascia) + gutter.




It was fine while the porch was just filling in the gap between the two side walls, but when I projected it outwards to match reality, the roof changed shape and I just can't get it to work - I've tried messing around with a number of things. I'm hoping to avoid fully manual roof planes for this part, although I think i'm going to end up needing to use them elsewhere so if that's the only way, that's ok - this just seems like I'm probably missing something obvious.

The two approaches I thought would work:

* Not putting a roof over the porch, and using the Gable/Roof Line tool to draw straight across the porch.

* Using a room dividing wall to split the porch into an outer and inner part and not roofing over the outer "room".




Attached is a little snippet of plan that I hope has enough of the relevant bits to replicate the issue


Any advice greatly appreciated


Troublesome Porch.plan



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8 hours ago, madkins said:

Using a room dividing wall to split the porch into an outer and inner part and not roofing over the outer "room".


Does that not work?


Use a slab to extend the porch.


Use manual roof plane.

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12 hours ago, DavidJPotter said:

What,oon Earth is wrong with the plan you currently have??? It looks exactly like what you said you wanted???


There's a hip? in the roof where it should be a single flat plane and the valleys go the wrong direction


8 hours ago, solver said:

Does that not work?


The split room works if the inner porch room stays within the bounds of the two walls either side - ie if I put it here:



But the roof overhang was wrong - it's about a foot less than it should be at that point -  and I couldn't find any room/wall specific option for adjusting that. Whenever I  tried to move the split room wall out further, then I'd get weird things ike this happening (attic walls appearing):




But interestingly I just tried it in my plan snippet and it works fine - so no sure what's going on there - looks like it should work though so will keep trying with that approach.

Also I will have to look into why I have cornices extending out of my roof! That's something that seems to have appeared since I've rebuilt the roof with newer version so I'll have to try and go through the settings there.



I'm surprised the Gable/Roof Line tool doesn't work as from a couple of demo videos I saw, that's the one I thought would solve my problems, without needing any artificial walls, so I thought maybe I'm just using that wrong.


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Yes that's perfect Jo_Ann - was that using the room divide wall? I've also been able to get it to work in the cut-down plan I attached by placing a room divide wall where you indicated - I didn't think to try it again in the sample plan (until Eric sounded surprised it wasn't working), because it's not playing nice in the main file - I'm getting the random attic walls for some reason when I try to do that, so I'd given up on that approach thinking perhaps the wall running into the window was the cause of the issues and a show-stopper....



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I moved the room divider wall out farther, so it runs into the window, and there is still no problem.

You might need to upload the REAL plan for anyone  to see why you are getting the attic wall problem.



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Hi Jo Ann! I've copied the entire house outline into a blank plan and it seems to be showing same issue. I guess it might be just the roof shape? Though it's strange it works okay without this little porch protrusion.


I've also overlaid on top an aerial shot of the house roof. I'd really like to get the roof to match, I tried doing some manual editing of roof planes but was having weird issues with them not wanting to join up, shooting off into the air and getting warnings whenever I tried to use join roof tool. I think it might be user error though!


I can send you the real plan, but it's a bit of a mess at the moment, so that's why I was avoiding it. But I'm a bit worried if you work some miracle in the test plan how I'll get it back into the real plan!!


Troublesome Roof.plan

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