Glitches with Vaulted Shed Roof


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Hi All,

I just got this program a week ago and I'm trying to draw a house. So far I'm doing OK, but this one problem I can't figure out.


I'm trying to build a 2 level roof line with a raised shed roof.


I am drawing the center section of the 1st floor, creating the 2nd floor for the vault offset, then completing the 1st floor lower rooms and drawing the ceiling planes.

I am getting a weird glitch at the corners and I can't figure out what setting to make it go away. I think it's part of the attic floor.



I tried to upload a plan file that demonstrates the problem, but it keeps failing, but here's a picture.




corner glitch.png

vaulted glitches.plan

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Wow Dave! Thank you very much. I wasn't expecting a video. That is very nice of you.


Yes, I was a little hesitant to monkey with stuff because of the warnings, but I shall blast right past them from now on!

We're in the same town, so I might have to get you a beer when we can get out again.




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