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  1. andr0id

    How do I draw a beam to parallel a shed roof?

    Yeah, that's sufficient for the visuals. The engineer's gonna have to figure the math on this stuff anyway.
  2. andr0id

    How do I draw a beam to parallel a shed roof?

    Not exactly the same orientation, but I want to show exposed beams across the top of my ceiling. I want to run the length of the room and for the ends to extend through the wall to support the roof over the porch as well. I'll play around with that. Hadn't occurred to me. Thank you!
  3. andr0id

    How do I draw a beam to parallel a shed roof?

    I see.... So is there any other way to see the beams on my vaulted ceiling?
  4. andr0id

    How do I draw a beam to parallel a shed roof?

    Thanks, that sorta works. I get a beam with the right angle and plumb cut on the ends. it's clipped at the walls and doesn't show in the 3D full perspective room view. I need it to extend through the wall and cantilever over the deck. I suspect I need to figure out move it to a different layer.
  5. How do I draw a support beam for my 1:12 shed roof so that it follows the roof? I am using the framing tools / Floor / Ceiling beam tool and it makes a nice beam, I just can seem to get it to rotate to the required angle. Do I have to go into 3D framing view and modify the generated beams to be bigger? Thanks!
  6. andr0id

    Glitches with Vaulted Shed Roof

    Wow Dave! Thank you very much. I wasn't expecting a video. That is very nice of you. Yes, I was a little hesitant to monkey with stuff because of the warnings, but I shall blast right past them from now on! We're in the same town, so I might have to get you a beer when we can get out again.
  7. andr0id

    Glitches with Vaulted Shed Roof

    thanks, that worked. Didn't realize it had that hard of a lock on the plan file.
  8. andr0id

    Glitches with Vaulted Shed Roof

    Hi All, I just got this program a week ago and I'm trying to draw a house. So far I'm doing OK, but this one problem I can't figure out. I'm trying to build a 2 level roof line with a raised shed roof. I am drawing the center section of the 1st floor, creating the 2nd floor for the vault offset, then completing the 1st floor lower rooms and drawing the ceiling planes. I am getting a weird glitch at the corners and I can't figure out what setting to make it go away. I think it's part of the attic floor. I tried to upload a plan file that demonstrates the problem, but it keeps failing, but here's a picture. Thanks! vaulted glitches.plan