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I see you mentioned Pro 2021.


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Resources for self help:


The built in Help System (always a good place to start)




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When I increase the height of a wall above a level that have flat ceiling etc this happens 

(Look at the picture and message me on what's app or telegram (+989367925104))


As you well see the space above the door is empty 

How can i fix that?


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I recently purchased a laptop for HDPro 2021 use also - with specs as per recommended configuration by HDPro (CA) - here;

I went for a 17" screen - as the deal was on special here at the time.

Your spec's. has more video memory it seems. Great for the 'physically based' 3D work.

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The laptop looks fine.  You have an SSD (getting a normal hard drive is the biggest mistake people still make) and plenty of memory and GPU power.  Bigger and higher resolution display is nice, but it makes the laptop harder to move around.  If it's just making a short trip from office to car, car to house, then maybe upsize.  If you're going to lug it around for longer walks, maybe not.  Personally, I would get a nice monitor for my primary work locations (and maybe keyboard and mouse) and just dock it, so the screen wouldn't be a major concern.

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