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  1. David, thankyou so very much for your time in helping me with this. much appreciated!
  2. Thanks Eric, I was wondering if this was the case! Just asking in case I had missed a tool in how to do it with automatic roofs. Thanks for the reply
  3. Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone could please help me with this roof. The ceiling heights for the home are 3500mm, and the front section is 2400mm. I have tried various paths to achieve the roof but I am having trouble with the gull wing style roof, as it is an enclosed veranda. Every time I try to enclose the veranda the roof sections wont join. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance JACINTA.plan
  4. Ok thanks very much Eric, I shall try that!
  5. Hi Everyone, I have a very simple plan that for some reason I am struggling with!! My ceiling height is 3000mm ( sorry metric here!) and the veranda roof starts at 3000mm and is 2400 at its lowest point. I would like a gullwing style roof, but I've checked the tutorials and they only seem to specify a gullwing with a gable end. I need a hip roof all the way around. I have tried a few things but cant seem to get it correct as despite my best efforts I'm not completely understanding baselines etc. Could some kindly give me a lesson on how to achieve this roof. Many thanks in advance! SANDO (2).zip
  6. Ok, it works as a zip. I'll post a new topic. Many thanks for the help!
  7. Ok I will try to zip it and see what happens. This is the message I'm getting..... Thank you
  8. Chiefuserandrea

    file size

    Hi everyone, I have a strange question as this has not happened to me before.... I'm trying to upload a file on here for some help but it keeps telling me the file is too large?? It's literally 4 walls and a porch. No windows/doors/terrain nothing!! Something odd is happening! Hopefully someone can please help. Many thanks
  9. yes!! Got it!! Thank you so much!!
  10. Thank you David, Could you kindly advise me on how to straighten the wall polylines? I have tried to manipulated the wall but of course this causes issues inside! I absolutely love everything I have learnt thus far using the program, it seems sometimes I just get 'stuck' and its wonderful having some guidance from you in times like these! Thanks again!
  11. Thanks Eric, I have posted the vector view. Thanks again CHIEF HELP PLAN.plan
  12. Chiefuserandrea


    Hi everyone, Hoping there is a simple solution to my issue. This seems to happen when I have gable roof...if I drag out one of the walls the issue goes away..... Hoping there is an easy fix to this frustrating issue!! Many thanks in advance.
  13. Hi everyone, I'm hoping there is a simple solution to my current issue! When I export an image (JPEG) of my interior render, the quality is quite poor! On my screen in home designer the image is sharp and clean. Could someone please advise if this is normal or is there anything I can do to improve the export? I've tried to up the resolution but it seem to make no difference! This is an example. It looks 10 fold better in home designer before I export. Many thanks in advance! Andrea
  14. Jo-ann, Thank you so very much, your help is greatly appreciated!!!!! My brain is bleeding!! I think I'm starting to wrap my head around it. It seems so simple yet I just could not figure it out. Thanks again!