porch joining to 2nd story roof line


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I'm trying to make the front porch line up with the 2nd story roof line. My initial thought on how to achieve this was to adjust the rough ceiling height of the porch to be offset by the distance between the 1st and 2nd floors. So with default rough ceiling height of a 9' ceiling, 109 1/8", I added the floor structure height of 12 5/8" and then set the rough ceiling height for the porch area to 121 3/4" (109 1/8 + 12 5/8). The result was the porch roof line was still too low.


So by trial and error I came up with a rough ceiling height of 135" for the porch, which is what you can see in the porch joining 1.jpg attached image.


At first this appeared correct to me, but after looking at the resulting image in porch joining 2.jpg, I realized there was an error in the ceiling "configuration" since there is that small "tray ceiling" effect at the front of the porch.


Ideally, I would think the correct thing to do here would be to have the porch ceiling height the same as the 1st floor ceiling height. However, I'm not sure what the right approach to making the roof lines connect, align like what is shown in the 1st attached image. 


Can someone please point me into the right approach for achieving the desired look I'm after?


Do I need to perhaps create a "dead" room over the porch with walls that are short in height such that the resulting roof would then line up with the roof of the 2nd story? If so, any ideas on how what the mathematics behind determining the wall height of this new room would be?





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Welcome to the forum. You should also mention what software you are using (Pro, Architectural, Suite, Interiors, Lawn and Deck Designer etc) and what version (2015, 2014, 2012, version 10, 9 8 etc) as the abilities of these applications wildly vary, one to another.


Secondly, it is not clear to me what, exactly is "wrong" (I can tell from your post that you are having difficulty but not exactly what), An example of what you are trying to do compared to what you are currently getting might help make clear your goal.


Posting a copy of your plan file also often helps,provided the problem is clearly stated so others not close to the project can also understand your difficulty.



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I'm using HD Suite 2015, I thought I put that information in my signature. Is it not showing up correctly?


I'm attaching my current plan file, which is very much a work in progress. Hopefully that will the following description will help indicate what I'm trying to achieve.


The goal is make the west and east walls of the house have a gable roof structure. The problem I'm running into is that I want the start of the roof to be at the main front conner of the Master Bedroom (not including the bump out) an the end of the roof to be at the north (back) wall of the Kitchen space with the peak of the roof being some where over the Master Bath area.


Eventually, after I get the original plan drawn, I want to make a 2nd story living area in the void space of the gable roof structure.


Where I'm at now:


In order or to make the roof line of the Living area line up with the roof area of the Kitchen, I raised the ceiling height of the Living area. In addition, I also raised the roof area of the front Porch some. With this approach, the problem areas I have is the east wall of the Kitchen, north of the Living area, does not seem to have the 18" overhang. In addition, the bump out in the Living area is causing overhang, filling, problems that are better seen than described.


I have also attached a couple images to help show the current problem areas I'm having.


Any help you can provide would be much appreciated. I'm fearing that some of the things I want to do might be limitations of the Suite and I'm going to need Pro in order to do it correctly. Hopefully that is not the case. 


Thank you for all your help.




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>>> Eventually, after I get the original plan drawn, I want to make a 2nd story living area in the void space of the gable roof structure.


If you intend to add a second floor, do it now -- it's the way the program works. 


Once you get your floor and ceiling heights correct, then work on the roof.

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David, thank you so much for the informative video. I think that will help to get me moving in the right direction again. I agree with you, that my attempts here are more to get my ideas across to someone who can ensure all general building practices have been met.

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Hi Lots of people have tried to help so I trust you are working through this OK.

 Design issues you need to consider.


In the front of the house.

I have added a photo with colours and numbers.


1. I highlighted in red.  

You are going to need about 4-6 down pipes on this roof. A plumber and builder will probably ask you to change this, if they don't get a new roof plumber. I would send him packing and never ever employ him again.

2. At least change the two little indents they will both need there own gutters and down pipes.


3. The blue line with the word end.   My suggestion, you might consider making that part of the roof end there so a large gutter can go straight across the roof. Then put a separate roof over the the front section of the house. OR

Have the main roof all come down in one line.

 How you design your house is non of my business so I am hoping you do not mind me putting my tuppence worth in.


As for the other parts of the house I do not understand the program you use,  I use pro. I  recommend if you are going to design more than one house you should have Pro .  You have done a lovely job and the house looks great.


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Wow Robyn , an Architect who thinks about how to get water off a house  :)    just kidding :)  this is a problem I run into and see all the time , nothing like having the front of your beautiful new house festooned with ugly downpipes. another issue is with them run right next to bedroom windows and the noise being an issue..dripping etc. 

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As solver suggested, I tried adding some of the 2nd story into the plan. However, I can't seem to get the left gable wall to stay in place when I change the front approximate 15x15 space from Attic type to Bedroom type, which is over the Master Bedroom space on the main level. 


With the space set to Attic, the roof line is basically what I'm looking for, there is still a minor height issue I need to work out on the right side of the roof, but I don't think that is causing the main problem of the left wall turning from Gable to something else entirely. 


The intent of the front area space on the 2nd story that is causing the problems is that it should basically look like a dormer coming out of the roof. However, the "dormer" in this case spans the entire width of the Master Bedroom area below it. So obviously it is not really a dormer in this case. I just can't think of a better way to describe what I'm trying to do.


I believe if you open the plan and then change the front space from Attic to Bedroom you will quickly see the problems I'm running into.


I tried changing the Roof Build setting to base the roof lines off the 1st floor only. However, then no mater what I do I can't get the "dormer" for the 2nd story front space to be generated.




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Sort of. I want the peak of the left gable to match that of the peak on the left gable. With the attachment you provided the peak of the left gable is "behind" the peak of the right.


I think I might have solved this problem myself by creating an invisible wall lining up with front wall on the right side of the 2nd story.


Still working through adding the remaining areas of the 2nd story it to see whether the gable holds in place like I want though.

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if you designate an area "attic" the program ignores ALL height commands for that area of Roof and builds it off the 1st floor walls instead AND as an Attic you can not add Rooms etc ,so you probably need to look at the tutorial for a Storey and a Half house (Cap Cod) though you seem to already have a second floor though there are some strange room heights ,might be better to delete the 2nd floor and start again , build a second storey per the Tutorial at desired height ,turn off auto roofs , then do the rooms and alter ceiling heights as needed.


is the porch roof supposed to run right up to the Gable peak on the left or is it supposed to be a separate roof?



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