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Like a lot of things in software, especially doors they have pre-programmed restraints as part of their behavior. A pocket door MUST have enough room to allow its door to open and close in the wall where you place it. If it is a 'tight squeeze' you man not then be able to reverse its direction of track using the "Reverse Door Swing" tool in the "Edit Toolbar" which is what one commonly uses to reverse the travel of pocket doors.


What I have done successfully in the past is to delete the existing pocket door and then select the "Door Tool - Pocket Door" and then left-click to one side or the other of where I want it to be until I get one there that is also opening the correct direction (sometimes takes a little patience in tight spaces)




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Sometimes I have had luck in this situation by putting in a regular swinging door with the knob on the side I want the pocket door to slide to. Then open up the object and change the door from a swinging door to a pocket door and that may do it too.

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