Remove gap under eave with concrete wall?


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I've found that if I use a solid concrete wall, I have a gap at the top under the eave of a shed roof.


I've simply defined a new wall type, 6" concrete. I haven't done this before, so I'm not sure what I need to adjust, but noticed it does the same thing with a stem wall, so I'm assuming it's leaving the gap for some type of framing. If I use a stem wall, the gap is the width of the space between the two adjacent walls.


Also, it's making a small cut or something in the concrete at the top of the foundation wall, apparently where the framing of the side walls (not concrete) would be.


Last... there's a small gap showing at the corner, and a cross section shows that it's wanting to wrap the sheathing/siding across the end of the concrete wall. I'd like it to stop so that the end of the concrete wall is exposed.


Any suggestions appreciated!



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Imagine you are building a house. You get to the roof, take a few measurements and realize something is out of square.


Think of all the ways this could happen.


The software is like that. Your model gets built up in layers, many of which build on the previous ones. To understand the problem many times requires looking at the model.


Moral of the story -- attach the plan file.

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